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2nd Annual Fan Favorite Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tournament — 2nd Quarterfinal Match

Hello again Bronco fans. It's a rough time for all of us right now, and I know this contest can't ease the pain of a season ending too soon, but it's still time for another vote. These lovely ladies had our back all year, so lets not let them down now that the season is over.


For those of you who missed the 1st match of the quarterfinals, Patricia showed why she won last year and dominated Amanda. Whoever wins this weeks match will have their hands full facing her in the semifinals.

As always, I encourage voters to take a little bit of time and read the bios before voting (I know how distracting those wonderful pictures can be). It doesn't take long, and it can be extremely fascinating to get to know our squad. Also, more than once, my vote has been swayed by the information provided. And speaking of my vote, just like last year, if there is a tie, I will nullify my own vote declaring the other cheerleader the winner (this actually happened).

Remember the new rule:

I will not be tolerating any derogatory, insulting or demeaning comments about our cheerleaders. They are all gorgeous, and I'm fine with you talking about how great they look or how awesome their answers are, but I will not stand by and watch anyone nitpicking about some perceived flaws about their appearances. If I see any more of this kind of talk about our cheerleaders, the comments will be removed. Repeated comments will be cause for warnings and or punishment from MHR. I will continue to post this new rule for anyone who may have missed it for the rest of the tournament. Thank you for being civil and giving the proper respect that our cheerleaders deserve.

But, without further ado, lets get down to business.

If you can't see the full bracket, just click on the picture. It should take you to the source image.

Match 2 of the Quarterfinals: Heather vs. Katie W.


I believe this is Heather's third season cheering for us. While her official profile on says it's her second, it said the same thing last year. So, we'll just stick with it being her third. She kept her profile short and to the point this year, so unfortunately we don't have a lot to go on. But, as always with our vets, we can look back to her answers from last year to find out a little more about her. This special education teacher from Englewood had a very unlucky draw in last year's contest, facing semifinalist and fan favorite Nikki in the very first round of the tournament. Despite the epic match up so early in our tournament, she managed to get 45 percent of the vote, and very easily could have drastically changed the end results of our first year. You can see her last year's bio and that match up here.

So far in this year's tournament, she found a way to defeat Kisato in the first round. In the second round, she easily beat Lauren H.

Her answers to her bio page on

What is the best thing about being a Broncos Cheerleader?
Having the opportunity to work with such incredible women and an exceptional coaching staff. These women have become my close friends and the sisters I've never had. We share an incredible bond. Besides my teammies, I absolutely love the thrill of game day, getting to cheer for my hometown team, and perform for the greatest fans in the NFL!

What is your most memorable experience/game?
The 2011 season was a very special and memorable season with many thanks to Tim Tebow. Although there were many great moments, I will always remember that magical throw Tebow made to Demaryius Thomas to win the game in overtime against the Steelers in the AFC Wild Card game. I've never felt such emotion from a crowd of people like that in my life. I had tears of pure joy. I didn't want to leave the field that night. It was an amazing moment in Bronco's history that I'm forever grateful to have been apart of.

What is you're favorite book?
"Oh, the Places You'll Go" By Dr. Seuss. It's a timeless book and I love reading it to my students.

What are your favorite things to do in Denver?
Maybe I'm a little bias because I'm a native, but I absolutely love the city of Denver. The scenery is beautiful and there is always something to do. I love attending local sporting events, eating out downtown, hanging out in Wash Park, or riding my new cruiser around (I'm a little obsessed!).

Katie W.

This is Katie W.'s second season cheering for us. This medical sales representative from Arizona State has been a lifelong fan of the Broncos and earned her bye in this year's tournament with a spectacular performance in last year's contest. She edged her way past Christina in the first round. And she blew past Lelanna in the second round. Before she finally was edged out by the eventual winner, Patricia,in the quarterfinals. If she wins this week, she will get a shot at a rematch of that contest in the semifinals this year.

So far in this year's contest, she got a bye in the first round and defeated Jenna by one vote in the second round.

Fan Since:
1988- the year I was born!

Alma Mater:
Arizona State University

Business and Communications

Occupation and how does Broncos affect your work?
I am a Local Sales Account Executive for Comcast Spotlight. DBC is an excellent networking opportunity for any type of Sales Job. It’s all about relationships!

What is the most important attribute of a Denver Broncos cheerleader?
Being a positive role model and ambassador for not only the Broncos organization but the entire state of Colorado.

Most memorable experience?
Skydiving or hang gliding off the Swiss Alps. I am an adrenaline junkie!

Who has been your greatest inspiration?
My Grandfather George Wafer. He was a man of honor and loyalty. His Country and his family were the most important things in life. He was also a Broncos season ticket holder since 1968!

What is one thing about being a DBC that most people don't know?
Behind all of the sparkle and glitz we are tough women. We train hard and give a lot for this team. We are all dedicated to making our fans proud!

Best advice to kids?
The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. Stay positive and be responsible for the energy around you.

What sports do you enjoy watching or playing?
I love to watch any professional Denver team but most importantly my younger four sibling’s games. I also love to Snowboard!

What top three things do you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?
1. See the World
2. Have my own family
3. Make my parents proud.

What do you value most in your life?
Faith, Family & Friends.

Place you would most like to visit and why?
I would love to travel to New Zealand and conquer the highest bungee jump in the world!

Who do you admire most in the sports industry?
Pat Tillman. He had more passion for football than most, yet his passion for our Country was unmatched. He turned down millions of dollars and NFL fame to fight four our freedom. There is nothing more heroic than that!

What is the best thing about Broncos fans?
Loyalty! Sun or snow the energy is infectious. Bronco’s fans truly bleed Orange and Blue.

What book are you currently reading?
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. A World War 2 story of survival, resilience and redemption.

In what charities or community service organizations are you most involved and why?
The past four years I have been most involved with my sororities philanthropy, called the Foundation for the Blind. We worked with individuals who were blind and organizations which serve them. Since 1936 our sororities philanthropic purpose has been to stop blindness before it stops. "Vision is one of our most precious senses. Unexplainable to those without it; irreplaceable to those who have it."

What is something about you that fans might not know?
I am the Queen of movie quotes. I love one-liners.

What makes you laugh?
Little things. I am always laughing! It is really embarrassing when someone pulls up to my car and sees me laughing to myself. Ironically, after getting embarrassed I just end up laughing more.

How do you challenge yourself?
I do my best to do one act of kindness a day for a stranger. The movie Pay It Forward left a deep impact in my heart. If something small to me could make a big difference for someone else, then I will strive to do that every day.

How do you spend your time in the offseason?
Whether I am performing or teaching, I dance year round. I love inspiring younger girls to enjoy dance as much as I do. My younger sister has become a beautiful dancer which makes me proud.

In what area of your life have you achieved the most success?
I have achieved the most success through my dance career. I danced on a collegiate team before becoming a professional cheerleader. I also recently started a dance program for a local non-profit organization. I am continuing to see my dreams come true especially as a new member of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders.

So will Heather continue her run this year or will Katie W. get her rematch with Patricia? The decision is completely up to you. As always, please feel free to add your opinions and any info you can find on these lovely ladies, and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve this series. Go Broncos!

One last look


Katie W.

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