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On This Day in Broncos History: January 3

A Game We'd Like to Forget


January 3, 2009 - Sadly, January news is not always sunshine and roses for the Denver Broncos. The only news which I could find for January 3 was a 2009 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. You remember the one. It came in that mixed-emotions 2009 season where the Broncos started with a new head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, general manager and a 6-0 winning streak. Only to see the Broncos stumble through a 4-game losing streak, a 2-game winning streak, then another losing streak. It was a game which saw the Chiefs gain a measure of revenge for the 44-13 drubbing Denver had given them four weeks previously by blowing out the Broncos 44-24. A day and game best forgotten.