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Denver Broncos Playoff History: 21 Years Ago, John Elway Produced Another 'Drive' To Beat Oilers

While John Elway is known for The Drive in 1986, his comeback win over the Houston Oilers on January 4, 1992 may have been just as impressive.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

John Elway has plenty of great moments throughout his career. Winning back-to-back Super Bowls before riding into the sunset is likely on top of the list.

For Broncos fans, it doesn't get any better than The Drive. 98.5 yards, on the road, to tie the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship game - it doesn't get any better.

To me, however, there was another Drive. This one came 6 years after Elway's original heroics and when he was cemented as an elite quarterback in the NFL. On January 4, 1992, the Broncos hosted the Houston Oilers in the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs. Denver was the #2 seed, behind the Buffalo Bills.

Trailing the Oilers 24-23 with just over 2 minutes remaining, the Broncos once again started a drive deep in their own territory. Perhaps my favorite part of this particular drive was the fact it was at home at Mile High Stadium.

Younger fans have certainly heard stories on just how loud the old stadium was. I think the video below gives you just a taste of that and watching it still gives me the chills - 21 years later today!