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NFC Wildcard Open Thread: Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins

The Baltimore Ravens will play the Denver Broncos next week after defeating the Colts. Let's see if the Seahawks or Redskins will advance on the NFC side.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Let the rookie quarterback battle begin!

The Seahawks and Redskins are both riding into the playoffs on the arm of their rookie quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III.

The Seahawks, of course, are known for their destructive defense and their running game behind Marshawn Lynch.

The Redskins are full of Broncos nostalgia. Mike Shanahan has implemented his zone blocking scheme and it seems to have really helped Alfred Morris as he ran for 1613 yards in his first year as a pro. It certainly doesn't help to have a mobile quarterback like RG3 on bootlegs and other play action calls. We'll see how much mobility RG3 has in this game, though, since he's still wearing a knee brace after being injured in their game against the Ravens.

Who do you think wins? I've got the Seahawks in this one, but I'm 0-3 picking playoff games, thus far.