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2nd Annual Fan Favorite Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tournament — 1st Quarterfinal Match

Welcome to the quarterfinals everyone! We're down to eight lovely cheerleaders in our contest, but all that means is the contest is going to be getting a lot harder.


For those of you who missed the eighth match of the second round, Ashely defeated Kara by a nearly 2-to-1 vote. She's definitely a strong contender to make it even further in this year's tournament.

As always, I encourage voters to take a little bit of time and read the bios before voting (I know how distracting those wonderful pictures can be). It doesn't take long, and it can be extremely fascinating to get to know our squad. Also, more than once, my vote has been swayed by the information provided. And speaking of my vote, just like last year, if there is a tie, I will nullify my own vote declaring the other cheerleader the winner (this actually happened).

Remember the new rule:

I will not be tolerating any derogatory, insulting or demeaning comments about our cheerleaders. They are all gorgeous, and I'm fine with you talking about how great they look or how awesome their answers are, but I will not stand by and watch anyone nitpicking about some perceived flaws about their appearances. If I see any more of this kind of talk about our cheerleaders, the comments will be removed. Repeated comments will be cause for warnings and or punishment from MHR. I will continue to post this new rule for anyone who may have missed it for the rest of the tournament. Thank you for being civil and giving the proper respect that our cheerleaders deserve.

But, without further ado, lets get down to business.

If you can't see the full bracket, just click on the picture. It should take you to the source image.

Match 1 of the Quarterfinals: Patricia vs. Amanda


This is Patricia's second season cheering for us. She's a graduate of CSU, majoring in Apparel and Merchandising with a minor in business and is currently working as a Sales Assistant. She also happens to be last year's winner. She beat Kim in the first round, Becky in the second round, Katie W. in the quarterfinals, Toni in the semifinals, before taking down fan favorite Nikki in the final round. Can she do it again?

After her first round bye, Patricia defeated Michelle by a wide margin in the second round.

Fan Since:
I can remember! I was raised a bronco fan. I can't imagine rooting for any other team.

Alma Mater:

Apparel and Merchandising with a minor in business

Occupation and how does Broncos affect your work?
I am a full time student and work at ace hardware as a cashier and sales floor assistant. Adding Broncos into my life definitely makes my schedule packed and always busy, but I like it that way I'm not one to want to sit at home I like being out of my home being involved in whatever I can.

What is the most important attribute of a Denver Broncos cheerleader?
Being involved in the community and also giving back to it as well. There is only so much one person can do for a charity and being a part of an organization where everyone is involved and out there giving back to those who really need help is something I absolutely love about the organization. I also love being part or a team where everyone has the same passion for dance that I also have as well.

Most memorable experience?
So far ... The Broncos Bunch promotion. There was this little girl that came up to Tristan, Michelle and I and handed us a picture her brother had drawn of a cheerleader cheering at a game. It made me realize that we are role models to a lot of young kids and that brought the biggest smile to my face when they gave that picture to us ... We made them sign it later as well.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?
As cliché as this sounds, my mom is definitely my greatest inspiration. She died when I was only 12 years old and she was a very successful woman who sadly died at a very young age. So whenever I say I want to do something or set a goal for myself I always am reminded of my mom and how her life ended very suddenly, and if I ever want to accomplish a goal in my life I need to work towards it every day with absolutely no regrets or telling myself I should have done something different. You only have one life and you need to make the most of it before it’s too late and your looking back saying what you should have done differently, my motto is to always look forward toward the future at what you can do instead of looking backward at what you should have done.

What is one thing about being a DBC that most people don't know?
How hard you have to work on the team. Being a DBC means carrying a Legacy on your shoulders of all the DBC’s before you. Every year the standards are higher and it takes a lot of work to meet those standards.

Best advice to kids?
Never say, "I can’t!" Because if you work hard and set your mind to achieve something you can do whatever you want!

What sports do you enjoy watching or playing?
I love watching football and basketball, and I love playing beach volley ball.

What top three things do you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?
1. Work for Ralph Lauren Corp. In New York City, Its my dream job.
2. Own my own fashion apparel boutique and open it in multiple cities
3. Have my own company where I contract out hairstylists and makeup artist for various shows and special events.

What do you value most in your life?
My family and all the people I have met and become friends with. They all play a huge role in my life and I would not be the person I am today without all the encounters I have had with my friends and family. They make me want to be the best person I can possibly be not only for myself but for them as well.

Place you would most like to visit and why?
Europe. I went to Spain after high school and my mind was blown away by the culture and the history that lies in every stone of that country. The US is so young compared to Europe and I just want to learn so much more about the different cultures there.

Who do you admire most in the sports industry?
What a magnificent show they put on for their fans. Sports would not be the same without the fans that go to every game and cheer on every team they are the ones that really bring a sporting event to life and that’s what I admire the most.

What is the best thing about Broncos fans?
They know how to bleed blue and orange especially when the raiders come to town! Not only that but they stay loyal no matter what. The broncos have had it tough the past couple of years but the fans are still there cheering them on. When things gets rough they are there to support the broncos and help them get through the season. But when the broncos are having a great season the bronco fans aren’t going to jump on the band wagon they are going to cheer on the broncos all the way to the playoffs and the super bowl if they make it!

What book are you currently reading?
Water for Elephants. Its amazing, Im really trying not to go see the movie!

In what charities or community service organizations are you most involved and why?
CSU unity. It is a community service program that goes through our school and one day during the school year all the students at CSU volunteer to help someone in the community. It’s a great program because it brings our school together as well as the whole fort Collins community.

What is something about you that fans might not know?
I am allergic to everything it seems like. Dust, nuts, sunflower seeds, dogs, cats, the list goes on and on.

What makes you laugh?
Little kids! The things they say and ask are so random and creative. Every time I have a conversation with a child under ten years old it brings a smile to my face and constant laughter.

How do you challenge yourself?
Through dance actually. I go to the studio at my school everyday and try to learn a new technical trick. I work on it everyday until it is perfect, and then I move on to another one. It keeps me motivated and always working towards achieving my personal goals and of course it make me a better dancer.

How do you spend your time in the offseason?
I have no offseason! I am constantly working on something. It is either in work, school, or dance. But when I do have free time I try and spend it with my friends and family by going on trips or just hanging out with them at concerts or parks.

In what area of your life have you achieved the most success?
In dance. I was never formally trained, except for in Irish dancing, and I had to learn a lot of technique on my own. My had work definitely paid off. I was captain of my high school dance team, danced for CSU for three years on the Golden Poms, and now I am DBC. I am very proud of everything I have achieved in my dancing carrier and could ask for anything more.


This also is Amanda's fourth season cheering for us although she wasn't on the roster page last year. So, I'm guessing we should all give her a great big welcome back to the squad (or at least a welcome to our tournament!) This wine representative from Lakewood, Colo., works at selling wine from her families vineyard out of Argentina.

She was able to defeat Allyson by nearly 100 votes in her first round contest this year before sneaking past Toni G. in the second round.

Her answers to her bio page on

Best thing about being a Broncos Cheerleader?
Being able to do what we love and have extreme passion for, both on and off the field. Performing on Game Day is really one of the best things I have ever experienced, it really is a feeling that is hard to put into words.

Most memorable experience?
Your first game is always memorable, but it was actually my first field practice that was the most memorable. It was a night practice before our first game, and I remember they hadn’t turned the stadium light on and we were basically dancing in the dark. We had finished one of our Endzone dances, and I was lying on the field looking towards the south stands at the gleaming Broncos statue at the top of the stadium. It was an incredibly surreal moment, when I realized where I was and how lucky I was to be there. That moment will always stick with me.

How do you spend your time off the field?
I work as a wine rep for a family owned vineyard out of Argentina. So basically I sell wine… and I love my job. Every vineyard and wine has such an interesting story behind it, and I’ve always been intrigued by the people behind the wine and how it’s all made. It’s all about family, being together for a special occasion, or just enjoying time with friends.

Occupation and how does Broncos affect your work?
Wine rep. Going into my fourth year as a Broncos cheerleader, I think it has only affected my job in a positive way. I really feel like I’ve perfected my time management, or at least gotten close to perfecting. It really takes just being organized with you schedule and making sure you are always putting everything on your calendar. Whenever I’m the busiest, I always get the most done. And believe me, a full time job plus Broncos keeps me very busy, in a great way!

Who do you admire most in the Sports industry?
Peyton Manning… right, shouldn’t that be my answer? But really, I do admire him. No doubt he’s an incredible athlete and achieved a lot in his career, but he’s also very humble and gives a lot of his time to charitable organizations. Plus, he knows how to laugh at himself, which is a characteristic I admire in all people. I am so ecstatic to see him play as a Bronco this year, and I think I can say most of our Broncos fans would agree!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I still see myself doing the things that make me happy… traveling, dancing, pursuing my career goals, spending time with family and friends, and maybe starting a little family of my own.

What is the best thing about Broncos fans?
Our fans are so amazing and are what game day is all about. They bring so much energy and enthusiasm to each and every game, no matter the outcome. I hope they know they bring as much joy to us as we bring to them.

What do you do in your spare time to relax?
Many things. Yoga is always my first go-to for relaxation. Just one hour in class is such a great relief of stress from your day or week. It’s also one hour dedicated to yourself, which I think is very important.

Best advice to kids?
Be yourself and follow your heart, no matter what. As long as you do, you will be happy in life.

Most important goal in life?
To always be pushing myself to be a better person, and to never be complacent. Whether that has to do with work, fitness, my relationships, and maybe someday being a parent… I think there is always room for you to learn and grow. In the end, I feel like this will only result in happiness… which is always my ultimate goal, to be happy in whatever I do.

Place you would most like to visit?
It’s so hard to narrow it down to one place because I want to travel to so many places in the world. If I had to narrow it down, I’d like to visit the countries of my heritage: Italy, Spain and Ireland. I would also love to go to Thailand… I’ve heard it’s an absolutely beautiful country.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?
My parents have always been my greatest inspiration. They are both extremely hard workers and have been strong through so many experiences in their life. They have always loved, supported and encouraged me through my entire life and I appreciate them more than they will ever know.

What is the one thing that you value most in life?
All my relationships with my loved ones are what I value most in life. I am very lucky to be surrounded by the best family and friends who have always been there to support me though all my life decisions.

Toughest part about being a cheerleader?
Auditions are always the toughest part of every year. Many people don’t know we have to try-out every year, and there are no guarantees of getting a spot back on the team. It’s a tough week, but it definitely keeps us on top of our game and working hard throughout the year.

Two people you would like to have dinner with?
Frank Sinatra and Jerry Seinfeld.. a dinner filled with unforgettable stories and lots of laughs.

Favorite things to do in Denver?
Red Rocks is absolutely gorgeous. I try and get up there as often as possible… for concerts, movies, or just running the stairs. I would go out on a limb and say it one of the greatest amphitheaters in the county. I also enjoy exploring the Denver culinary scene… I’m a bit of a foodie, I love trying new restaurants and I will pretty much try any type of cuisine at least once.

Favorite sport to participate in?
I enjoy any outdoor sports that involve the beach or water… surfing, beach volleyball, paddle boarding, or any other fun athletic sports with friends. Not saying I’m a pro at any of them, but I do enjoy participating.

Three words that best describe you?
Carefree, positive attitude, adventurous

Most prized possession?
My dog babies, Jazzy and Dash. Cutest Dachshunds around town!

Greatest Accomplishment?
I feel like my greatest accomplishment is yet to come. But I am very proud of my determination and hard work that I have put into my dance career. I had a goal of achieving a spot on this team and new it would take a lot of hard work, discipline, sweat and tears. I am so honored to be apart of such a talented, smart and beautiful group of women.

It's another tough choice this week. The winner will be in the top four, so don't take this decision lightly The choice is up to you. As always, please feel free to add your opinions and any info you can find on these lovely ladies, and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve this series. Go Broncos!

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