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Robert Griffin III Injury Update: RGIII To Undergo Total Knee Reconstruction; Out 6-8 Months

The damage to RGIII's knee is more serious than anyone thought, with news coming out that he will undergo a total knee reconstruction.

Al Bello

I'm a football fan. Sure, the Denver Broncos are far and away my favorite team, but I also appreciate incredible talent - no matter what helmet a player wears. RGIII is one of those incredible talents, a guy that is as sharp off the field as he is dynamic on it. That's why I feel so bad hearing the news that Griffin will undergo what ESPN's Chris Mortenson is calling a complete knee reconstruction.

According to Mort, RGIII suffered a complete tear to his ACL and LCL. This is the second time in Griffin's career that he has torn the ACL in his right knee. He's also had work done on the MCL of that knee while at Baylor.

The torn ACL was diagnosed late Tuesday as a complete tear of the patella graft that was used to repair Griffin's torn ACL suffered at Baylor in 2009. A team source said Dr. Andrews likely will use a patella graft from Griffin's left knee to repair the most recent tear.

The Redskins are hopeful that Griffin will be ready for 2013, but you have to wonder if he'll ever be the same player again. Too early to tell, obviously, but it still baffles me that Mike Shanahan, someone we rooted for up close to 15 years would leave his young quarterback out there when it was painfully obvious that he was seriously hurt - and in danger of making it worse.

Forget what the player says. Forget what the doctors reportedly said. Use the eye test! My eyes told me he was in danger. Football is dangerous enough when you are completely healthy. A quarterback that can only use one leg? That is flat out wrong and in my opinion Shanahan deserves the fire and brimstone he is receiving.

Shanny always liked everyone to know he was in charge. That he made the final decisions. Now, when one of his decisions has backfired so horribly he is hiding behind doctors? No way. That was his call and he failed to protect RGII from himself.

I really hope RGIII can make it back. The Redskins are scheduled to play the Broncos in Denver in 2013. I would like nothing more than to see #10 on the field that day. As for Mike Shanahan, let's hope he has learned something - anything - even though it may be too late.