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MHR's NFL Week Six Picks

Are you keeping up with your MHR Pick'em predictions? Hopefully still alive in the Survivor pool.

Justin Edmonds

They say that it is lonely at the top and in the MHR Pick'em there is someone that can tell us. For the first time in six weeks there is someone in first place by a whole game. There are only three teams left in the NFL that are undefeated, two of them remain in the AFC West (what!?).

Here are my picks for Week Six:

Thursday, October 10th 8:25 PM ET
Giants at Bears
By the time that you read this, the game will have been played, for the record I chose the Bears (or the Giants, depending on who actually wont the game).

Winner: Bears

Sunday, October 13th 1:00 PM ET
Packers at Ravens
I want to go Baltimore in this one, but I think back to the Denver game and don't think that the Ravens can hold up against the Green Bay offense.

Winner: Packers

Bengals at Bills
Is Andy Dalton going to be allowed to throw the ball past 15 yards? Regardless, I think that Cincinnati wins against whomever Buffalo puts at quarterback. It would be nice for the Bills to be able to just hand the ball off to CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson and win the game, but that Bengals defense is serious.

Winner: Bengals

Lions at Browns
I really don't think that Cleveland gets any worse with the loss of backup quarterback Brian Hoyer and I really don't think that Detroit is a bad team at all, but I think that even with Calvin Johnson healthy Joe Haden could shut him down. If Johnson doesn't go, Haden gets to shut down whoever is a distant second in the Lions' receiving corps.

Winner: Browns

Rams at Texans
Starting Matt Schaub for this one was apparently a 'very tough decision' for coach Gary Kubiak. I think that it is the only choice, letting Schaub tee off on St. Louis and get his confidence back up is about the only option that leads Houston to the playoffs.

Winner: Texans

Panthers at Vikings
Minnesota signed the shunned Josh Freeman, but he won't start, Matt Cassel will-- Denver fans remember Cassel. He has gone 1-0 as a Viking's starter, but he won't go 2-0 me thinks. I like Carolina's defense, maybe I more than like them. If Cam Newton can not turn the ball over a bunch this should be a fun game. I have three upsets this week, this is my second one.

Winner: Panthers

Raiders at Chiefs
I call Kansas City an imposter, someone usually chimes in and says that they have the same schedule as Denver, sure, they play mostly the same teams as Denver. they have two of the AFC's last place teams from last season, they also get Indianapolis and Houston in Kansas City. Those are away game for Denver. Then again, Kansas City has to play Denver twice, so maybe they do have a tougher schedule.

Winner: Chiefs

Steelers at Jets
New York's defense looks really good lately, Pittsburgh's offense, not so good lately. Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin took away all of Pittsburgh's toys in their locker room this week. I feel it was all for naught.

Winner: Jets

Eagles at Buccaneers
LeSean McCoy doesn't suck unfortunately, no matter who is the quarterback (my money is on Nick Foles) on Sunday Philadelphia can simply win by handing the ball to McCoy and then dumping the ball off to him. It's too bad Darrelle Revis can't cover him too.

Winner: Eagles

4:05 PM ET
Jaguars at Broncos
Denver is 3-6 against Jacksonville in the regular season 4-7 if you include playoffs. The Jaguars have won the last three match0ups. Well, the Broncos are breaking all kinds of records this season.

Winner: Broncos

Titans at Seahawks
Jake Locker was having such a good season and last week Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a pass to himself for no gain. Really though, is anyone going to be able to win this season in Seattle?

Winner: Seahawks

4:25 PM ET
Saints at Patriots
New England is a favorite in this one somehow, though Rob Gronkowski is back. Shutdown cornerback Aqib Talib couldn't shutdown AJ Green last week, but Dalton just couldn't get him the ball. Drew Brees won't have any trouble getting anyone the ball.

Winner: Saints

Cardinals at 49ers
Arizona played San Francisco tough last season, I think that they will play them tough this season, but Colin Kaepernick doesn't get down like that.

Winner: 49ers

8:30 PM ET
Redskins at Cowboys
Washington has a worse secondary than Denver, but I don't see Tony Romo having another career game here. He won't need to RGIII isn't leading any 52-second drive either though.

Winner: Cowboys

Monday, October 14th 8:40 PM ET
Colts at Chargers
Indianapolis could very well be the second best team in the NFL, despite the diffiulty that they had in beating Oakland.It would be really cool of San Diego to win, but the Chargers are just about the uncoolest team in the NFL (have you seen their quarterback?).

Winner: Colts


Smiling Assassins are currently solo in first place, followed by a three way tie for second between Bad Football Pun, birddog and Broncs Cheer. Tied for third are Man Eating Squirrels, Pete's Big Pete and The Wolfman Cometh.