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Broncos Over/Under: Jacksonville Week 6

Sam Greenwood

We were really happy with how last week turned out and while you guys still got 3 of 5 bets right, it's the worst record so far, so better step up this week members! So let's review last quickly:

Over/Under 55.5 Total Points
- Over: 87%
- Under: 13%
- Actual Result: Over

Over/Under Broncos Win by 7.5
- Over: 88%
- Under: 12%
- Actual Result: Under

Over/Under 0.5 Broncos Field Goals
- Over: 93%
- Under: 7%
- Actual Result: Over

Over/Under 2.5 Total Touchdowns Between Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas
- Over: 63%
- Under: 37%
- Actual Result: Under

Over/Under 1.5 Total Interceptions Between Both Teams
- Over: 67%
- Under: 33%
- Actual Result: Over

MHR Record: 12-3

Let's get onto this weeks bets shall we. As always we'll include the Vegas odds along with a few of our own. You are free to load the page and change your choices at any point up till the start of the game, good luck.