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Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: 2nd Half Open Thread

Shades of 1996?

Doug Pensinger

Well, that didn't go well.  You give inferior teams a chance by letting them stick in the game.  Jaguars playing a deep cover 2 and Welker/Julius Thomas have been non-existent working the middle.  It's not time to panic Broncos Country, the Broncos just need to wake up and play their game.

Looking ahead to the 2nd half, the most important drive of the season thus far will be what the Broncos offense can do with the opening kickoff.  Get it done Broncos and knock the spirit out of Jacksonville!

Just heard someone on CBS Halftime show say "He's pissed" when talking about Peyton Manning.  Hell, I'm pissed too, Brock Osweiler should be in the game by now;)

Looking for a place to watch or listen to the game? Find your broadcast and radio info HERE

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