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Broncos 35, Jaguars 19 Instant Reactions

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! We BARELY WON? Wow... just wow. I'm ashamed!

This pretty much sums up my feelings of this game!
This pretty much sums up my feelings of this game!
Justin Edmonds

C'mon Denver! Where is your sense of pride Broncos players? Largest spread in history? Shoot, you guys looked like a bunch of amateurs. You're lucky that your opponent was the Jaguars or else we would have lost this game by 7+. Fortunately enough though, they were the Jags and as we know, the Jags can't get out of their own way, thus, the Broncos secured their 6th victory on the year to finish tied atop the NFL with a 6-0 record.

Knowshon Moreno looked like a beast. He was really the only running back on the Broncos that was worth half a damn. Montee Ball? What happened to you being able to actually catch a pass? Ronnie Hillman? Ever hear about holding onto the damn ball? Knowshon, you got 3 TDs and yet again pulled something out of your a** when we needed to convert long 3rd downs. You sir, are playing like a 1st round pick! Yes, I said it, you are playing like a 1st round pick. The Broncos would be fools to not extend you and make any other RB expendable. Not everyone enjoys early success. Some take time to mature and learn to play. You are the latter, and you have definitely learned how to be a pro. Knowshon, you get my game ball.

Champ my man, you looked like a washed up has been out there today. The only reason why I'm not leading the charge with torches and pitchforks is because this is your first game this season. I'm willing to give you a pass as you use this game to get back into shape. I understand the logic of the coaching staff to let you get back into shape against this team and not Indy, but C'mon man, you made the Jags look like a straight up legit team!

Wesley Woodyard, oh how we miss you! Paris Lenon is a hack, a has been, and a never-was, so WTF is he doing starting for the Broncos? He is HORRIBLE, maybe even worse than Jammer! We all know I'd rather see Steven Johnson play out there, but Lenon is so bad that I'd rather see the 12 year old kid in the 2nd row play out there! Your play is embarrassing. Woodyard can't get healthy soon enough.

Speaking of a never-was, how about that stellar play of Manny Ramirez? I can see why once JD went down, we signed Koppen. Coach Fox can save his coach speak for someone else, Ramirez was never starting material and he knew it. Lets hope this was a blip and not a trend of things yet to come from ManRam, because if it is, we are going nowhere in the playoffs when we face teams that are better than the 0-16 JAGUARS!!!!!

Please return next week Robert Ayers! Do you see that? Do you see what this defense looks like without Ayers in (starting or rotational. I personally don't care how anyone classifies him). Our pass rush, rush defense, and overall effectiveness was a shell of it's former self. Last week when Woodyard and Ayers left, our defense showed remarkable ineptitude, and without those 2 in the lineup, they didn't look any better. How you make Chad Henne look like Peyton Manning is beyond me! Will Von help? You betcha, but you know who will really help? Ayers and Woodyard! Malik Jackson filled in admirably, but man, this defense just doesn't look right without Ayers in there. Lets hope he and Woody were simply sitting this game out because Fox knew we could win without them.

Yes, I realize we won 35-19. I know that's 16 points. I know that when you beat a team by 2+ scores, it's a victory, but honestly, this wasn't a victory. I feel LUCKY to have won. LUCKY.... against JACKSONVILLE!!!! Does anyone else realize how pathetic and embarrassing that is? Does anyone else feel the same way? Surely I'm not the only one who feels let down and ashamed to have survived this game! Will I take the win? Of course, but as I said above, if it were any other team in the NFL, ANY TEAM, we lose this game! There's overlooking your opponent, and there's this! The entire team should be embarrassed because it wasn't just our defense that struggled, it was our offense too!

Please get well Franklin, we need you... desperately!

Peyton, I don't know where your head was at, but it sure wasn't in this game. Maybe it's because our offensive line let you down early and often. Hell, if I got blasted each and ever time I dropped back, I'd probably be distracted and make boneheaded plays too. You get a mulligan only because you're Peyton Manning and I have full confidence in your abilities out there. I'm positive that had we fallen behind, you would have found a way to win.

Ronnie, you make it too easy to root against you! You infuriate me on a weekly basis. I'd take Knowshon 100 out of 100 times if I had to choose between you two.

I know I'm missing a ton, but I'm too pissed off to remember everything I want to rant about! How do you get pissed off after scoring 35 points and winning by 16? BY ALLOWING JACKSONVILLE TO BE IN THE GAME WITHIN THE FINAL 5 FREAKING MINUTES OF THE FREAKING GAME!!!!! THAT'S HOW!!!!

I guess what they say is true.... "Any Given Sunday". Thankfully our Sunday was when the Jaguars were in town. Next time we won't be so lucky!