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Welcome Back Von Miller

Writing something like this is akin to thinking "what would I say?" to a relative or friend I haven't seen in a while.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

You are still our Brother

No doubt you heard all the noise regarding your suspension.  Much of what you heard was probably unpleasant.  You were called irresponsible and things much worse for the choices you made.  It was all personal.  Broncos fans know this year can be something special so through the lens of hopeful fans eager to see their team succeed, many of us felt wronged.  It isn't fair that one person's actions have the ability to affect so many more, yet our disappointment goes deeper than that.  It has so much more to do with Von Miller the person and player.

You have all the talent in the world.

In two years you have accomplished what less than a handful in NFL history have accomplished.  The scary thing is I believe Broncos Country has yet to see your best.  Even Peyton Manning, one of the greatest of all time, perhaps the greatest of all time to play his position awed at your God-given ability.

There is nothing more tragic than talent wasted.

You are the author of your life and the story you write will be owned by you and only you.  What story do you want to write as a football player?

Ten years from now do you want to be known as one of the greatest of all time?  Do you want to BE the greatest of all time?  Do you want the sack records or your bust in Canton when it's all said and done? When you look up at all the greats that have come before you in that ring around Mile High, do you imagine your name being there?

You are the author of your football career and you can write whatever story you want.

What about Von Miller the person?  What kind of woman do you see yourself with?  Do you want a big family or a small one? Family men and fathers can be responsible or irresponsible, the choice as with your playing career is entirely up to you.  How about your family, will you be in a position to take care of them for the rest of your life?  How many chickens do you want on that farm of yours?

You are the author of your personal life and you can write whatever story you want.

Broncos fans want to see you succeed on the field and in life.

With family, there's no need to ask forgiveness

Water under the bridge.  I don't care anymore about what Von Miller did in the past so long as Von Miller has learned to take a better path.  Being young is a fantastic adventure that comes with growing pains, especially when those growing pains are played out in the public's eye with everyone tuned in to your business.  I can remember my last dumb mistake and all I can say is thank goodness I didn't have national media writing and tweeting about it or a bunch of angry fans talking trash to me about it.

Hey brother, all is forgiven before you even ask.

We're 6-0 without you, can you imagine how good we can be with you?

Your teammates did well under considerable pressure.  Shaun Phillips, Robert Ayers, and Malik Jackson made sure the quarterback was uncomfortable.  Jack Del Rio schemed like a mad scientist to cover up for your absence.  So many personnel combinations, fronts, and blitz packages all because your talent was not on the field.  Next man up through suspension and injury after injury.  Your brothers did what brothers do, they helped shoulder the load.

Show them how much you appreciated their efforts.

Did you see how prolific our offense is?  Did you notice how our defense struggled at times to hold teams?  Do you think it's right that our team had to score 51 in order to win a game by 3 points?

Did you relish the thought of teeing off on the QB with a two or three score lead?  This offense, this dominance is tailor made to let you shine.  You won't have to worry about opportunity when you come back because you will have plenty of chances to "Eat Greedy".

The time for talkin' is over

Actions will forever speak louder than words, whether they be words written in this article, or words spoken from your mouth.

It is time to put the NFL on notice Von Miller.

Teams need to know they will not throw against our secondary with impunity.  The opposing QB better have fear in his heart every time he drops back to throw.  Though it was improbable to run the ball before, it will be damn near impossible now.

It is time to dominate once again #58

We missed you brother, welcome back!