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Von Miller offers an apology

During an interview with the Denver Post, Von Miller offered insight into his precarious situation serving out a 6-game suspension as well as an apology for the mistakes he made.

Justin Edmonds

"I apologize for all the troubles or pain I've given Broncos fans or anybody who is close to me. Nobody feels worse about this than me. The good thing about it is I have an opportunity to fix all this stuff."

Though Miller tested positive for marijuana in 2011 during his rookie year, he insists that he does not have a drug issue:

"I don't have a substance-abuse problem, I feel like I've definitely made some mistakes in the past. I can't shy away from that. But I'm working hard to fix it. I'm working hard to gain everybody's trust back. All I can ask is people judge me from my actions going forward. I'm working hard to gain trust back. I'm very confident I'll be able to do that."

Broncos fans know that none of this came about due to PED use.  Though Von takes Adderall for his ADHD, he has a "therapeutic use exemption" to use it.  Von's issues are directly related to little structure and poor decision making, a few things he's been able to work through during the suspension:

"Some guys have a lifetime to mature. I think I have matured in the six weeks, eight weeks, 10-week span faster than most guys. ... Still, every single day is a challenge. It's not just the big things like traffic citations. It's waking up with the alarm clock. It's the constant grind with procrastination."

As far as what kind of shape Von is in?

"I still move like a wildcat,I'm still quick. I'm still going to cover guys. I'm in the best shape of my life. Emotionally I'm in a very good place. Nutrition, I've stepped it up. Usually during the season you get away from it because everything is moving so fast."

He is up to 262 pounds and down 2% body fat.  Not only that, he put time in working on football and pass rushing with former Falcon DE Chuck Smith:

"It wasn't a 9-to-5 thing. He stayed with me.  We talked football every day. We woke up talking football, we went to sleep talking football."

From what I read, it sounds as if Von is in a better place all around.  I think it's time for Broncos fans to forgive and move on.  We may have missed him on the football field for 6-weeks, but Von used that time to constructively put his life together and build more positive routines and work habits that have contributed to a better and more positive mindset:

"I'm not a quiet guy, but I had to be. It was part of the time I had to serve. But I'm in a happy place. I'm blessed to be in a situation that I can achieve everything that was set out there for me to do. I am still trying to be the best football player I can possibly be. And my teammates and my organization have been very, very supportive. My family, my friends. I'm in a great place. I'm happy I'm back to the game that I love.  Having football taken away from you - it already meant a lot to me before, but it means so much more to me now."

I think as fans we tend to treat these guys like commodities rather than people.  On the other side of Von Miller "pass rushing fury" is a regular dude with issues not too different than the things you or I struggle with or have struggled with in the past.  Bottom line, we are witness to a young talent trying to become a man.  There are growing pains, such is life.

Once again Mr. Miller, welcome back!  Your orange and blue brothers and sisters are glad you are doing better!