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Broncos vs. Jaguars: Musings and Observations after a 16 point victory

Should fans boo a team with a halftime lead? Are the Broncos "soft" on offense? Is a pissed off Peyton Manning good or bad? Are Broncos fans spoiled? Is someone pushing pins into a Broncos voodoo doll?

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Booing Fans

We all know what happened. The Broncos got off to a fast 14-pt lead, made some killer errors to stall drives, and gave life to a struggling team before halftime via one of the worst throws by Peyton Manning all season. Broncos try and move the ball, stall, and take a knee exiting the field to a chorus of boos.

There was widespread outrage and debate via social media with some folks saying "You don't ever boo your team, it's a disgrace!" and others saying "That's our prerogative as fans."

If Broncos fans were booing because the team looked flat, executed poorly, and played sloppily, then kudos! This team is better than that and it is completely fine that you booed them. That sort of display of football ineptitude against one of the worst teams in the league will get you a one way ticket back home in the playoffs. We are a better team than that and the players deserve to know that we as a fanbase are smart enough to recognize that fact.

If Broncos fans were booing because the Broncos had failed to cover the ridiculous line set by Vegas, or were booing because the Broncos "only" had a 2-point lead at halftime, that is a form of entitlement that makes Bronco Mike want to puke. I will get into this more later.


I don't know if you folks noticed it, but I did and some of the staff noticed it as well. The Jags pushed around our offensive line, ate up ball carriers behind the LOS, and even popped Manning a couple of times, even once going low on a play that probably should have been flagged. The result? Offense sputtered into the 2nd half with perhaps the most cerebral signal caller in the game today making one of the dumbest decisions any QB this year has made. The offense was punched in the mouth and got off it's game.

I have to ask now because it is something that could come back to bite us later. Is this team a finesse team, or does it have a nasty streak just waiting to come out?

In the past, the kryptonite to a Peyton Manning led offense has been tough smashmouth defense. One that disrupts timing and makes the king of patience impatient. That 2011 offense may have been one of the worst in history, but one thing is for sure, you knew we would line up and ram the ball down your throats, laugh at you while stepping on your back, line up, and do it again and again. Which brings me to my next topic.

Peyton Manning PO'ed

Yesterday, Peyton Manning pulled out from under center too early and caused a fumble during an exchange. He admitted as much in the presser. Later on Manny Ramirez snapped the ball too low for the old man and in his advanced age, Peyton couldn't handle the snap and it was turned over, again. Both times Peyton neglected to dive back after the ball.

He was asked that during his presser and that exchange kicked off something I haven't seen that often, a pissed off Peyton Manning. He snapped back with (parapharasing) "I would be careful to draw any solid conclusions about me going after the ball off of two plays."

Vic Lombardi tweeted later that Peyton didn't like his "manhood" being questioned. The entire mood of the presser from that point was fantastic and you could tell Peyton was very annoyed. Is this good for football? Well, going back to my previous point about our offense being "soft" I would like to say it is. I hope Peyton goes to Lucas Oil field this week and burns that sum'bitch to the ground. I hope the entire Colts secondary already has reservations at the local burn unit because they will need some treatment after Sunday night.

One thing I know from experience is that you do not want to make someone who is the best at what they do angry, for any reason.

Broncos fans make me sick sometimes

Entitlement is a four-letter word for me and the Bro. You know what happened yesterday after the Broncos beat another NFL team by 16 points? We had a lot of complaining and headlines calling the victory "rough" or "ugly." You know the first statement I heard from a coworker today? "What did ya think about that Broncos game, they should have won by more right???"

There is something seriously wrong here. Expectations should be high, but from what I can tell we're the only team in the NFL with a fanbase that complains after a 35-19 victory. Go on over to the Jags website and read their remarks. They are HAPPY they lost by 16. It's like winning the super bowl for them.

Here's a reality check Broncos Country, and I hope you take this to heart. Two years ago we were cheering for Matt Prater to make kicks of 59 yards to tie the game, and 51 yards to win it. We were cheering for an offense to put together one decent drive after a seemingly never-ending string of three and outs.

Success I fear has come all too fast for a generation that has likely never lived through the kind of adversity that had Broncos fans living on billboards until they won a game, or accepting a tie as "half a loaf".

Peyton Manning is right, football is hard, and winning is hard. When you accomplish that goal to the tune of 16 points, there should be no complaints. You want to talk about our team honestly and break down things that we struggle with, I'm all for it. But lets not become a spoiled fanbase too ignorant to enjoy a 6-0 start after watching injury upon injury pile up one after another.

Who has the Voodoo Doll?

Each week someone gets hurt. Each week it is someone vital to our team. The defense has seen a multitude of injuries, our offensive line more than it's fair share. There is a curse in Broncos Country and I don't understand why. This week we're going to break it, and here's how. Go outside dressed in nothing but orange. Face east since that is where the super bowl is played this year. Hop up and down on one leg while patting your stomach and chanting "Go Broncos." Nevermind the people walking by that point and laugh, we have to break the curse. You must do this routine every day for the next week, up until kickoff on Sunday night. If you succeed, the injury bug will leave.

What are your musings and observations after a 16-point victory MHR???