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What will the Denver Bronco Defense look like with Von back?

Here's how the lineup could be shaken up.

Doug Pensinger

4-3 Under/5-2

In: Von Miller at SLB

Out: Nate Irving at SLB

Very simple switch and change. The Broncos can continue the rotation of Shaun Phillips and Robert Ayers at RDE while Nate Irving will come off the field completely.

4-2-5 Nickel "Bigs"

Remember that this form of the nickel keeps Vickerson and Knighton in the game at DT even though they provide little help in the pass rushing department. This is the Broncos attempt at having the best of both worlds with run stuffers in the middle and pass rushers on the edge with their best secondary personnel in coverage.

Here again you will see Von take over the LDE spot that Shaun Phillips has occupied, and you're likely to see a rotation of Shaun Phillips and Robert Ayers at RDE.

4-2-5 Nickel "Pass Rushers"

Malik Jackson and Robert Ayers should kick inside with Miller and Phillips rushing from the edge. This is the most exciting front 4 alignment for me personally because it puts the best 4 pass rushers on the field at the same time. This rotation can get pressure from the middle and pressure from the edge.


Same front 4 configuration as above. Also expect Wolfe and Unrein to be in the mix at DT.


Ayers and Phillips as ends with Malik Jackson as the 0/1 tech. You can also rotate Jackson and Ayers. Unrein would also be in the mix as a 0/1 tech. That frees Von Miller up to be the "joker" and rush as Del Rio pleases. I see tons of potential with all the exotic blitzes Del Rio brought. Think of using Von Miller in this way as opposed to bringing various folks from the secondary.


The versatility that existed in the front 7 just got even stronger with Von's return to the lineup. I will be very interested to see if my forecast and prognostications are correct. I will be even more interested to see how Del Rio uses his new toy to disrupt the passing game. One thing is for sure, I don't want Von covering folks. Tee off, all day long sir!

What are your thoughts MHR?