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MHR's Overreaction Tuesday

Where to begin, where to begin? How about here....

The Broncos are gonna beat the ever living crap out the de-clawed and neutered Jaguars. I'm not talking about the Broncos winning 51-48, or 52-20, or 37-21, I'm talking about breaking all time NFL records for complete "beat assery". I'm talking 83-10. I'm talking 95-3. Hell, I heard a rumor that the Broncos updated their video screens in the offseason so that the all digital ones could go all the way up to 1,000 points! And you know what? The Broncos "will take the ball, and we're gonna score!" How great is it to be a Broncos fan these days? Everywhere you turn, it's "Man, you guys are 28 point favorites..." or "this is a glorified bye week for the Broncos..." or "man, you guys are gonna beat the *bleep* out of the Jags" With hype like this, and Peyton Manning at the helm, there is no way this game gets closer than the first Broncos possession of the game which will surely make it 7-0!!! Wait a minute, stop the presses, give me a second.... I just thought I saw a 12-14 game at halftime... huh? Is the internet down? Is CBS F'ing around with us and showing us old Broncos vs Jags games? This can't be right, can it? 12-14? Those hacks at surely have something wrong.... huh, ESPN does too.... So does CNNSI... weird. This must be what being in the twilight zone feels like... yet there it is, 12-14 at the half. 35-19 final score. So much for the world beater Broncos and the spayed Jaguars. I guess what they say is true.... "Any Given Sunday"...

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling... The Broncos ONLY won by 16 points while putting up 35 on their worst day of the year! Holy crap, the Broncos are DOOMED I TELL YA, DDDDDOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEDDDDD!!!! If you can only put up 35 against the Jags, then there is no way you're as good as the only other undefeated team who put up 28 points against them. Hell, the Broncos might as well just pack in the season and go home because there is no way that if they can allow the Jags to have hope up to the last drive of the game that they can actually make any noise in the playoffs. I mean, the Chiefs only scored 17 vs the Cowboys (Broncos scored 51), they scored 28 against the Jags (Broncos scored 35), and they scored 24 against the Raiders (Broncos scored 37)... yep, the Broncos have no shot in the NFL anymore now that on their worst day, they put up 35 and only won by 16. Sky is indeed falling... or maybe it's only falling on me?

Apparently, the Patriot's win at home against the Saints was the most memorable win in Tom Brady's career. It isn't like he won 3 world championships... wait, scratch that... he's right, he didn't win those, Adam Vinatieri won them. So actually, this probably isn't an overreaction at all, I bet this is the most memorable win in Tom Brady's career... moving on.

The Chiefs are the lone undefeated team in the NFL. Broncos who? Exactly! The Chiefs' defense is so dominating that they can hold the Broncos to about 6 points in a game, which is fortunate for them seeing they can only score around 16 points on any given Sunday. Let's not forget that this is a Chiefs team who has beaten the likes of the Raiders and Jags and Titans, etc... They are ON FIRE and can not be defeated! They very well might have surpassed the Seahawks as the best team in the NFL, and when Arrowhead starts a rocking, don't come a knockin...

That's all I got this week. Too pressed for time. Help pick up my slack by posting some more overreactions in the comments below!