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MHR Radio Podcast 2.12 | Jim Irsay Edition

Mouth meet foot as Jim Irsay references Star Wars numbers and Lucas Oil becomes the Death Star.


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If you guys are really quiet, you'll hear Peyton Manning throw another touchdown...

It's Wednesday Thursday afternoon, we're your sure thing, the MHR Radio Podcast is here!

So the Denver Broncos barely beat the Jacksonville Jaguars by 16 points, they are quite possibly the worst 6-0 team in the NFL and the records and league leading statistics aren't that impressive because they were expected to be perfect after missing Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bailey, Von Miller and Ryan Clady. Everyone had Peyton Manning pegged to be breaking all time records and Knowshon Moreno to be leading the league in touchdowns. Wes Welker was mostly going to hurt the Broncos receivers production by splitting it and for four years the NFL has been saying the Julius Thomas would be the next Shannon Sharpe.

Well, Indianapolis is about to feel a beat down so badly that it may knock them out of playoff contention in Week Seven. Why did you have to go and anger Peyton, Mr. Irsay? You said it yourself, playoffs, this is midseason... Your baby had a face.

Kyle is back next week, but this week's show is short and sweet with the potential of chaos like your favorite kick/punt returner. We've finally found Danh Hoang who we previously believed to have been deceased (if you follow the show).

Topics covered today in the MHR Radio Podcast are:

  • The Onion article, "Broncos perfect season ends with humiliating win over Jaguars".
  • Recapping the Jacksonville Jaguars Game.
  • Tavarres King to active roster, Adrian Robinson cut.
  • Broncos offense leading the NFL in most categories.
  • Von Miller's return.
  • Wesley Woodyard, Robert Ayers limited in practice Wednesday. Chris Harris and Champ Bailey still strong.
  • Jim Irsay's shot.
  • Indianapolis Colts preview

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