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MHR's NFL Week Seven Picks

Are you keeping up with your MHR Pick'em predictions? Hopefully still alive in the Survivor pool.

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In Week Seven there are two undefeated teams (the only two that remain in the NFL), San Diego just drug Indianapolis caveman style back to their hut and even Oakland looks like it can hold its own. Is this a result of having three of the four AFC West coaches from the John Fox tree? It could just as easily be blamed on having a week schedule, but no one was shaking a stick at the NFC East and the AFC South prior to the season. So what gives?

In MHR's own pick'em league, one team has taken a two game lead on the season and there are three teams tied for second and three teams tied for third.

Here are my picks for Week Seven:

Thursday, October 17th
8:25 PM ET Seahawks at Cardinals
The only team that I am less sold on than Kansas City is Seattle. Especially when they aren't playing at home, the Cardinals defense can certainly out play the Seahawks offense, but does the Arizona offense stand a chance against the Seattle defense? Not without Aaron Ellington having a heck of a game, but for whatever reason Andre Ellington (who is currently listed as fourth on the depth chart on their official page, just behind Alfonso Smith and Stepfan Taylor) just can't get credit as an every down back from Bruce Arians. That guy needs to be fed the ball 20 times and thrown at at least ten. For that, I will take Seattle.

Winner: Seattle

Sunday, October 20th 1:00 PM ET
Buccaneers at Falcons
Two wounded teams, neither Roddy White nor Steven Jackson has practiced thus far in the week and that isn't good with the team coming off of a bye week. Tampa Bay for whatever vanity in the head coaching department has gone all in on a rookie quarterback, apparently desperate for the mulligan that may or may not be awarded based on the potential rookie Mike Glennon displays. The talent in this game somehow is on the Buccaneers side, but I think that the Falcons can pull it off on the strength of Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez and that meh defense.

Remember before this seasons when these guys were going to play Denver in the Super Bowl?

Winner: Atlanta

Bears at Redskins
Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall versus Mike Shanahan, it's really too bad D.J. Williams couldn't make it. Cutler versus Robert Griffin III is even more exciting I think from a Denver fan's perspective. You know what's not interesting from a Denver fan's perspective? What Chicago is about to do to Washington.

Winner: Chicago

Cowboys at Eagles
Two offenses and no defenses, let the artillery fly! Dallas is down DeMarco Murray and half of their defense, but Tony Romo doesn't seem to notice. Michael Vick went down two weeks ago for Philadelphia and they have been undefeated since. LeSean McCoy will be the difference here along with how well Nick Foles has played in Vick's absence.

Winner: Philadelphia

Patriots at Jets
Danny Amendola is hurt, Rob Gronkowski should play, I don't think that it matters. Tom Brady figures it out, week after week, whether it is Buffalo or New Orleans.

Winner: New England

Bills at Dolphins
Thad Lewis is the third string quarterback for Buffalo and still can wreck shop. I was highly entertained last week watching him play, but it is Miami who has playoff aspirations and I think that they continue to realize those aspirations on Sunday or risk flip-flopping with the Bills in rank.

Winner: Miami

Chargers at Jaguars
Did I mention that the AFC West is the best division in the NFL? How much does that have to do with how bad the AFC South is? Had Jake Locker not gotten injured, things could have got interesting.

Winner: San Diego

Rams at Panthers
Carolina was a bad team last year, St. Louis was a good (sorta) team last year, the Panthers are a good team this year (sorta), the Rams are a bad team this year. I like the St. Louis defense less than I like the Carolina offense.

Winner: Carolina

Bengals at Lions
Two teams with winning records playing each other, yay! Usually my rule is AFC beats NFC (especially this season), but I'll take a strong offense over a strong defense any day of the week. Cincinnati can't stop this freight train, Detroit is not Green Bay with a non-active Eddie Lacy. Reggie Bush will steal your girl.

Winner: Detroit

4:05 PM ET
49ers at Titans
This would have been such a better match-up five weeks ago. Jake Locker, hurry back! Never thought that I would be saying that.

Winner: San Francisco

4:25 PM ET
Texans at Chiefs
UPSET ALERT! Kansas City is an imposter and Houston will prove it. If the Chiefs beat the Texans here, I will not doubt them again this season, if they beat Cleveland next week? I will be a believer. In the mean time, it's Case Keenum time and Kansas City coaches are scrambling for film from University of Houston film.

Winner: Houston.

Ravens at Steelers
Ugh, Baltimore.

Winner: Baltimore

Browns at Packers
This is my third favorite game of the week, I called Cleveland being good. I wanted Norv Turner as an offensive coordinator. Denver is doing just fine without him, but Cleveland with that defense and that offense. Now those scout team would-be poaching Packers... Man, we should have given them Tavarres King out of spite. However, I am glad that King is still in Denver.

Winner: Cleveland

8:30 PM ET
Broncos at Colts
You angered Peyton Manning. Then you put a 43 minute distraction before the game, what are you going to do? Make him unsuccessful? Jim Irsay is dangerously close to making Peyton a Broncos player for life with this latest stunt.

Winner: Broncos

Monday, October 21st 8:40 PM ET
Vikings at Giants
Josh Freeman! Will not be saving any soles, Eli Manning is due and New York will make their final effort to make this a season right here.

Winner: New York

In MHR's Pick'em League Bad Football Pun leads the league by two games with a 64-29 record. Broncs Cheer and Smiling Assassins are in a tie for second with mschein1, Man Eating Squirrels and birddog are in a three way tie for third,