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MHR's NFL Week Five Picks

Are you keeping up with your MHR Pick'em predictions? Hopefully still alive in the Survivor pool. Get in there and don't forget to have your picks in by Thursday!

Dustin Bradford

Major movements in the MHR Pick'em Pool, almost everyone moved around in the top 20. I am six points out of first place, even after having a mediocre week in the picks. Buffalo upset Baltimore, Cleveland's tied for first in the AFC North after upsetting Cincinnati. There are only five teams left in the NFL that are undefeated, two of them are in the AFC West (what!?).

Here are my picks for Week Five:

Thursday, October 3rd 8:25 PM ET
Bills at Browns
Buffalo is hot off of that win against Baltimore last week, but Cleveland is hotter. Last week Cincinnati figured out a way to keep Josh Gordon grounded, but until someone figures out how to stop Jordan Cameron, I will take the Browns.

Winner: Browns

Sunday, October 06th 1:00 PM ET
Patriots at Bengals
Fresh off a week in which Cincinnati barely beat Green Bay, the Bengals lost to the Browns. Now they share first play in the AFC North with them. New England keeps figuring out how to win though, but the team that must win here are the Bengals and for that reason I am going with them.

Winner: Bengals

Lions at Packers
Detroit is 3-1 and Green Bay is 1-2, in what word does this make sense? In a world where Reggie Bush is finally being utilized properly and defenses must make a choice between committing to Calvin Johnson or Bush. However, Bush and Megatron can be open all day, the Packers can make their offense their best defense.

Winner: Packers

Seahawks at Colts
To me both of these teams are fake right now, Seattle nearly losing to Carolina and Houston and Indianapolis having issues against Oakland and Miami. Both teams certainly beat the heck out of Jacksonville though. I will take the Seahawks in this one, because the Colts just don't have enough fire power to compete.

Winner: Seahawks

Ravens at Dolphins
Both Baltimore and Miami failed to show up in Week Four. I know that someone has to win this game though and I will take the Dolphins at home.

Winner: Dolphins

Saints at Bears
New Orleans had their way with Miami on Monday night, but I don't know that Chicago is going to be so easy this week. There are predictions that it could snow in Denver this weekend, I wonder if any of it will make it to Illinois by Sunday? I still think that the Saints can win in an upset here and they can prove themselves legitimate by doing so.

Winner: Saints

Eagles at Giants
It could get ugly in this one. Philadelphia fresh off the Peyton Manning 50 burger and New York is coming home after a Kansas City shellacking. What happens when luke warm water meets room temperature water? Maybe steam if you're lucky and the Giants won't get steamed if they're lucky. I'll take the Eagles off the strength of LeSean McCoy.

Winner: Eagles

Chiefs at Titans
A Jake Lockerless Tennessee team versus an undefeated Kansas City team? The Chiefs will win and will have successfully made it through five weeks as an NFL team while only having to have had to play one actual NFL team (Dallas).

Winner: Chiefs

Jaguars at Rams
Some has to win this one, right? Start 'em if you got 'em the St. Louis Rams are going to roll through this week. They'll get their second win of the season, their first since Week One and the Jaguars will make another move towards history-- being the worst team in the history of the NFL.

Winner: Rams

4:05 PM ET
Panthers at Cardinals
Arizona's defense looked legit last week (against a rookie third string quarterback), Larry Fitzgerald even scored on Darrelle Revis (after being locked down by him the whole game), but the real bright spot one the team to me is Patrick Peterson. Peterson and Cleveland's Joe Hayden switch off in my opinion as to who is the best corner back in the NFL. Oh and the Panthers win this one and keep the NFC South interesting, especially if the Saints can't hold on against the Bears.

Winner: Panthers

4:25 PM ET
Broncos at Cowboys
Trap game? When you're undefeated aren't all games trap games? Dallas doesn't have enough calcium to have a bone to pick. Peyton and the Manningites are five gigs into their reunion tour and they haven't even played the classics yet.

Winner: Broncos

8:30 PM ET
Texans at 49ers
If this game would have been Week One or even Week Two it would have been the game of the week. Houston's got issues and the NFL seems to have figured out the read option. These two offenses used to be good, both feature strong running games and both teams have stellar defenses. I am going to go with the Texans here and the only reason for that is that the NFC has a terrible record against the AFC this season. Just in case you are wondering, it is the AFC is 11-3 versus the NFC in 2013 so far.

Winner: Texans

11:35 PM ET
Chargers at Raiders
I am not sure the the NFL got the opportunity to fight back in this one against Major League Baseball, but whatever the game isn't starting until nearly midnight for those of you on the East Coast, because the Oakland Athletics made the playoffs. Terrell Pryor should be back, no word just yet on Darren McFadden, though his hamstring injury is not expected to be as bad as his backup Marcel Reece's knee injury is. So it's Rashad Jennings time possibly, who may still be better than Ryan Matthews. The Chargers will still win this one, but one interesting side plot is that former Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen is playing former Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy for the first time.

Winner: Chargers

Monday, October 07th 8:40 PM ET
Jets at Falcons
It is funny what certain games can do and how certain games seem to come at just the right time. This game sucked even back in April when the schedule was being decided. I wonder what the prerequisite is for getting on a Monday night game. The Falcons need it though, their team is still getting uninjured and a win here allows them the next two weeks against the Tampa Bay and Arizona. By the way, Atlanta is currently third in the NFC South behind New Orleans and Carolina.

Winner: Falcons

Rodney, you owe us a video of you eating a hat my friend, (see comment section here). Leaders got all kinds of misplaced this week, the top teams are Broncs Cheer (44-19), This one's for John, Scab's Pickers, Smiling Assassins, The Wolfman Cometh, birddog (all 43-20). MHR's Big Pete (Pete's Big Pete) leads the staffers at 42-21. I vote that Pete change his name to 'Bro, Do You Even Account!?'

If you're interested, here are the full rankings thus far.