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Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts: 1st Quarter Open Thread

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For Peyton Manning, this could be the biggest regular season game of his entire career. It helps that there could be playoff implications with the game as well, but the bigger story is that Manning was discarded like a used up piece of trash by the Indianapolis Colts and now Manning has a golden opportunity to prove the Jim Irsay that he made a mistake - at least in the short term.

Andrew Luck will be great in the league someday, but today it is still Peyton Manning's time. And there is no regular season game he would want to win more than this one here and now.

It helps that all-world stud Von Miller returns to the lineup as the Denver Broncos defense has been struggling in the pass game without him. With more consistent pressure on the quarterback, it should help the struggling back end of the lineup recover from a disastrous first six weeks of pass defense.

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