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Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts: 2nd Quarter Open Thread

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Aside from the touchdown drive, the Broncos offense has been pretty ho hum so far tonight. Fortunately, the Colts have not fared much better. Peyton Manning will hopefully settle into the game by halftime, so until then the Broncos defense needs to keep Andrew Luck in check and keep the damage to a minimum.

Von Miller already looks tired out there. I had hope that wouldn't be the case, but mid-season conditioning is quite different than pre-season conditioning and its really showing in Von tonight. I do think he'll come alive for a series or two before the game is out, but he'll need a few more games to get up to full speed.

Lastly, turnovers are freaking annoying. Why must we lead the league in fumbles? Dang you Trindon Holliday! Wait, now I love you again Trindon. Dang you! Stop being feast or famine!

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