An apology from Arrowhead Pride

Hey guys, I come to you as a writer for Arrowhead Pride.

I want to sincerely apologize for the amount of trolling that has been done by our fans on your site. It is embarrassing to me, and most of the other users over there that take pride in being classy, stand-up fans. I know after the game last night plenty of Chiefs fans poured over here and felt the need to gloats like baffoons, and it is shameful.

Sure, there will always be a very strong rivalry between our two teams. All of that is great and what makes sports so much fun. That said, there is no room for our fans coming over here and dominating a conversation with idiotic comments that are meant to rile people up.

I have been a member of Arrowhead Pride since 2009, a contributor since 2011 and a staff writer since the beginning of this year, and again just want to say sorry. Apparently, we have forgotten what it means to win with grace. Certainly, this season is still very young, and nothing has been accomplished yet.

I look forward to our games against you, they will be the best matchups the NFL has to offer this season. Good luck the rest of the way (sorry, not really, I am a Chiefs fan after all), and I hope your site remains free of idiotic trolling.

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