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MHR's NFL Week Eight Picks

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

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Home run swings last week did nothing for me and I think that I may have posted one of my worst weeks ever (six wins) leading me to be 60th (60th!) in the MHR Pick'em league. I am going to have to post one heck of a comeback to get back into things.

Thursday, October 24th 8:25 PM ET
Panthers at Buccaneers
The Carolina defense has been really good the last few weeks and other than Vincent Jackson the Tampa Bay defense has not. Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has been better than expected, but take Doug Martin out of the equation and I think that the Panthers win this one.

Winner: Carolina

Sunday, October 27th 1:00 PM ET
49ers at Jaguars
Not much point in discussing the ways that San Francisco will win this.

Winner: San Francisco

Browns at Chiefs
I said last week that Kansas City would lose against Houston (and they nearly did), nevermind that it was to a third string running back and a third string quarterback. I said that I would give them credit if they won and if they beat Cleveland then I would become a believer. I am going to stick with that.

Winner: Cleveland

Dolphins at Patriots
New York certainly surprised New England last week, but is it really possible for New England to lose two weeks in a row? Miami was a darling pick early in the season to be a playoff team, but as it stands now they are out of the picture.

Winner: New England

Bills at Saints
New Orleans with two weeks to prepare for Tad Lewis? Drew Brees and Co. have been licking their chops.

Winner: New Orleans

Cowboys at Lions
I like this game, I think that it will be fun to watch, I don't know if Dallas has enough calcium to have a bone in this game though. Detroit's defense is good, if they can pull this one off, then playoffs are a definite possibility.

Winner: Dallas

Giants at Eagles
New York is fresh off of their first victory of the season, Michael Vick is likely back for this game and I think that is enough to carry Philadelphia.

Winner: Philadelphia

4:05 PM ET
Steelers at Raiders
Pittsburgh surprised Baltimore last weekend and actually showed up. I think that the Steelers have a good shot at winning this one, but I think that Oakland is stronger than they were predicted to be. Darren McFadden should be back as well.

Winner: Oakland

Jets at Bengals
New York has been the benefit of luck so far this season, but Cincinnati is legit and one of the best teams in the NFL.

Winner: Cincinnati

4:25 PM ET
Falcons at Cardinals
All though given the state of Atlanta it shouldn't be called an upset, but Patrick Peterson and Arizona will certainly shut down at least one wide receiver for the Falcons. If that is Harry Douglass, then I think that Arizona could win, but if Steven Jackson and Roddy White both play-- I'll take Atlanta.

Winner: Atlanta

Redskins at Broncos
The twenty second tribute to Mike Shanahan is about all that Washington will have going for them in this one. Washington's defense is bottom five in every single major defensive category.

Winner: Denver

8:30 PM ET
Packers at Vikings
Minnesota will not only lose this game, it will be embarrassing and possibly the downfall of Josh Freeman and the current Vikings' regime.

Winner: Green Bay

Monday, October 28th 8:40 PM ET
Seahawks at Rams
St. Louis had the best record in the NFC West intra-divisional games last season. Seattle has lost 25% of their games on the road this season (one), but the Rams without Sam Bradford are somehow worse than they were with him.

Winner: Seattle

Smiling Assassins two game lead in first was cut to one and three teams are tied for second (Man Eating Squirrels, Broncs Cheer and Bad Football Pun) all have a two game lead in second. Five teams split third with 70 wins. Check out where you land here.