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Peyton Manning not practicing, Woodyard back at it

This should add some intrigue to the "injury" discussion some of us have had after that strip sack by Robert Mathis.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Yours truly 100% believes he was hurt and played hurt against the Colts.  That is just my opinion but it is hard to look the other way when so many of his passes after that point lost significant velocity.  I'm not talking about wobbly passes either, I know Peyton historically hasn't thrown a pretty ball.  I'm talking about stepping into a throw and still seeing it float to the target or come up short. In any case, here's what is being reported from practice thus far:

Don't expect to see Orlando Franklin or Champ Bailey on Sunday

Good News?  Woody should be back!!!

We'll get the official injury report out to you this afternoon, until then, do you think no practice for Peyton is related to rest or him being hurt?

Edit 11:59 MDT

Looks like a "minor ankle injury" for Peyton according to Jeff Legwold: