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MHR Radio Podcast 2.13 | Things Fall Apart

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The great Terrell Davis would call this a 'quality loss'. I say every loss damn well better be quality.

There is good news though, as the Denver Broncos' own dog house grows, Tom Brady's has thinned and we finally have Kyle back!

Kyle and I are good friends, I think that we've been through some things together and he's always kind of been good enough to me to write long rants inside of these podcast posts. I realize that our vision of the Broncos is different, we agree on as much as we disagree with each other on.

It makes for good conversation though.

We are breaking the loss to the Indianapolis Colts down in a way that you haven't seen done. We're pulling on facts and statistics, not just uninformed opinion.

Topics covered today in the MHR Radio Podcast are:

  • Indianapolis Colts recap
  • Champ Bailey injury/Orlando Franklin update/J.D. Walton update
  • Denver Broncos offensive line fix?
  • Kayvon Webster, Quentin Jammer and Tony Carter discussion
  • Kevin Vickerson (cheap shot, penalties)
  • Ronnie Hillman, time for C.J. Anderson?
  • Broncos players push back against fans
  • Washington Redskins preview
  • Mike Shanahan 20 second tribute
  • And a special appearance by Danh Hoang.

We love your feedback! Let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned next week!