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Hillman Out, C.J. Anderson In

KCNC's Vic Lombardi has tweeted that running back C.J. Anderson will be active this Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Per Vic Lombardi:

That's right baby, C.J. ANDERSON is IN DA HOUSE!!!!

I can't believe Ronnie Hillman has kept his job this long. He's obviously in over his head and I for one have been particularly vocal in wanting him benched permanently.

In 2012, Knowshon Moreno was inactivated for fumbling once, ONCE, in week 2 against Atlanta, so how in the world did Hillman keep his job this long?

To those who say, 'This makes no sense because C.J. Anderson isn't the same type of back as Hillman.'

I say, 'So what?'

It isn't as if Hillman is worth a damn anyways, so why get another back like the back who isn't worth a damn? If Terrell Davis went down, did we want the opposite back to him to take carries, or would we want as close of a back to him as possible to take carries? EXACTLY!!!

You think if Adrian Peterson went down they'd want a scat back to replace him? Or a back that was like him? Look, I'm all for diversity, but if you have something effective going, why try to "change it up?" Knowshon leads all RBs with 8TDs and is effective, very effective, so why wouldn't we want someone to spell him who has the potential to be equally if not better than him? Again, EXACTLY!!!

All I know is that Mike owes me $50 for this, and it's time to pay up! GO CJ ANDERSON and GO BRONCOS!!!!