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Create-a-Caption: Over There!

Create a caption for this picture! Keep it clean, extra points for hilarity. Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

Jonathan Ferrey

Create a caption for the photo above, and post it in the comments below! Why is Washington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan pointing and yelling? Is he upset? Does he see something he doesn't like? What is it that he is seeing?

YOU DECIDE! Get creative.

We'll peruse the comments and select the best of the best for the next week.

Last Time

(Photo by Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE)

Ryan Eames:

Here. Yes, here is where I will put my knife...


I don't always cut the all time greatest quarterback who ever plays the game from my football team.....

But when I do…. its always right before they win three Super Bowls…

Stay thirsty, my friends.


Now now, Peyton, chin up.

We’re the Colts; it’s what we do. ALL of our all-world QBs go to Denver sooner or later.