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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos back in the saddle; Saints, 49ers rule supreme

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Well, 56% of voters did not approve of my changing format last week, so its back to the way it's been all season for these NFL Power Rankings. I've also decided to rank teams where I think they deserve to be - regardless of record. Ole Walt from inspired me to stop showing teams that are undeserving of any kind of respect.

That said, the biggest surprise of this week will likely be the Kansas City Chiefs down near the bottom of the Top 10. This team is barely beating the worst teams in football and I'm supposed to be scared? I'm supposed to rank them number 1? Pfft. The Chiefs are not scary in the least. They should be the ones who are afraid. I'll take 43 points per game over a strong defense. Why? Because all Peyton Manning has to do to beat the limited Chiefs is score three touchdowns. Yeah, I'll take 3 scores. After all, they put up 30 points a quarter more often than the Chiefs do in a freaking game.

So this week, I see several teams really separating themselves as true contenders. I had to bump the San Francisco 49ers up to the top spot this week purely based on how well they are playing on both sides of the ball. They are hot and deserve to be the top team right now.

Let's see how things got blown up this week in my NFL Rankings. Check out last week's power rankings here.



San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are rolling and whatever funk they found early in the season is definitely gone. The Seahawks have the edge, but I think the 49ers are actually the better football team. Colin Kaepernick is once again a dynamic quarterback under center.



New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees is continuing his fantastic season and has his Saints in strong position to grab homefield advantage. If they get that, then I certainly don't envy the 49ers or Seahawks propositions in that environment.



Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning has been off now for three consecutive weeks, yet that doesn't stop this team from scoring more points than any other team in NFL history. Another 45 points this week and the Broncos are right back in the discussion for the best team in football. In a passing league, the Broncos have certainly assembled the scariest offense in football. Certainly, that alone puts them at the top of any Super Bowl discussion.



Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson had a rough night and the Seahawks overall experienced a dogfight with their inferior division rival on Monday Night Football. That said, they are still a top 5 football team.



Indianapolis Colts

The Colts had a Bye week. Too many good teams up here for the Colts to hold onto the top spot. It is ironic though, they have beaten three of the four teams I have ranked ahead of them.



Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals really put it on the Jets on Sunday. I've had a strong belief that the Jets were frauds and I'm not going to lie when I say I'm glad they are. Not sure why, but I've never cared for that franchise.



Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers shows once again why having a truly elite quarterback is essential to a teams long term success. The Packers did the right thing by shoveling a ton of cash his way.



Kansas City Chiefs



New England Patriots

The Patriots once again needed Tom Brady to rescue them from themselves. This organization is going to face some bleek years once that man decides its time to hang up the cleats.



Detroit Lions

The Cowboys and Lions are two teams that find ways to lose close games, but this time it was the home team that pulled a rabbit out of the hat at the end. The thrilling last second win should become one that Matthew Stafford can call a signature win.



San Diego Chargers

The Chargers had a Bye week. The Lions deserved to move up a spot after their epic win against the Cowboys, which is why the Chargers gave way a spot this week.



Carolina Panthers

I have been a huge Cam Newton detractor since he came into the league, but now that the Panthers have a defense he is starting to lead his team to some wins.



Dallas Cowboys

What a great game by Tony Romo. This loss for the Cowboys certainly can't be on him. This team should be above .500, but they seem to find ways to lose close games.



Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer and the Cardinals may just be a legitimate playoff contender. That defense is underrated big time. I'll be keeping an eye on these guys, but I definitely need to see some divisional wins.



Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens had a Bye week. This team got bumped due to so many big time wins from teams around them.



Chicago Bears

The Bears had a Bye week. Though they will likely continue to trend downwards with no Jay Cutler in the lineup.



New York Jets

Geno Smith is playing good rookie and bad rookie to a T. He looks like a bonafide starter in this league, but his ups and downs will cost the Jets any chance at making the playoffs this season.



Tennessee Titans

The Titans had a Bye week.



St. Louis Rams

The Rams, with a backup quarterback mind your, came to play on national television last night. They played the Seahawks tough all night long and darn near came away with a huge home win. I still can't believe they would throw the ball twice at the 2 yard line after rushing for 200 yards in the game. #FAIL



Oakland Raiders

Terrelle Pryor had a 93 yard touchdown run. Yeah, a quarterback who can run. It's funny to me that the Steelers always seem to find a way to get burned by Option QBs.



Cleveland Browns

The Browns showed us all that the Chiefs are, in fact, frauds and possibly the worst 8-0 team in NFL history. I'm loving it. The longer that continues the bigger failure they will become.



Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins had their foot on Tom Brady's throat and somehow Brady came back and wiped the floor with them. Against a truly elite quarterback, you never want to take your foot off the gas. That's four in a row ... the wheels are coming off in Miami.



Buffalo Bills

The Bills never stood a chance against the second best team in football. The silver lining for them is they may have found a legitimate starting QB in backup, Thaddeus Lewis. He could be good trade bait.



New York Giants

Eli Manning and the Giants have ripped of two straight wins. They are settling for field goals though and if they want to keep the winning ways going then they need to find a way to score some touchdowns.



Washington Redskins

Mike Shanahan's return to Denver looked promising a few minutes into the third quarter up 21-7 over the Broncos. Then the Broncos promptly scored 38 unanswered points. Whelp, better luck next time Shanny!



Atlanta Falcons

I made the mistake of thinking Matt Ryan would find a way to find a win for the second week in a row. Opps! Let's just say I won't be making that mistake with the Falcons again.



Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers suck. You could not have given the Raiders more chances to lose this game. Losers. Sixburgh my arse.



Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are a train wreck and now even LeSean McCoy looks like garbage back there. Nick Foles actually looks like the best option for them, but this team hasn't scored a touchdown in two straight games now.



Houston Texans

The Texans had a Bye week.



Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson isn't the same running back he was last year. And really, how could he be? Last year he was out of this world great. This year he is just great. The Vikings need a quarterback.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

How can the Buccaneers justify NOT making a coaching change? Just do it already and try to salvage some respectability before this season is over.



Jacksonville Jaguars

What can I say? The Jaguars we all know and love are back. Hell, they can't even spell their own name correctly.