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Bronco Mike: Airing of Grievances

What the heck (no "f" bombs) is up MHR??? It's about that time of the week that Bronco Mike gets some grievances off his chest. So sit back, put on your big boy (or big girl) pants and get ready to be told what the heck is wrong in the NFL right now. There will be some strong language here (still no "f" bombs), so if your weak-heck mentality can't stomach that than you can get the heck out!

Streeter Lecka

Grievance 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Outside of some years with the always classy Tony Dungy and the Super Bowl winning Jon Gruden, the Bucs have always been a laughingstock of the NFL.  But that was more because of their awful creamsicle-colored ensemble and ineptitude on the field.

Well, after the whole Josh Freeman fiasco and end game played out with his release today, you can now say the Bucs are a disgraceful and classless group of hecks.

Whatever issues they had with Josh Freeman, the team not only let it play out in the public eye, but were the ones (allegedly) responsible for leaking CONFIDENTIAL information about Freeman's participation in the NFL's substance abuse program. They were also the ones (allegedly) to release CONFIDENTIAL information about various fines Josh had received while with the team.  All of this was seemingly done to help the team win in the court of public opinion....but guess what?  They did all of this (allegedly) while trying to unload Freeman to another team.

So let me get this straight, you care so much more about the reputation of a coach who orders his players to dive at the legs of the offense during kneeldowns  that you torpedo any chance of getting some lowly team like say the Jags or Raiders giving up a mid or late round pick?  The Bucs are going down in flames, and serves them right.  With as much talent as they have on the roster, it isn't a question of bad coaching, it's a question of how bad is the coaching and how bad is the leadership top to bottom?  I'm here to tell you that in both cases it's a giant steaming pile of Cowboy shit (SWIDT???)

Josh Freeman is no angel and he's played poorly, but the Bucs are now public enemy #1 on top of being a poorly run and coached franchise.

Grievance #2: Tony Romo

Tony Romo knows the Cowboys have a snowballs chance in hell at winning Sunday.  He knows that no matter how many TD's Dez Bryant catches drops, the Cowboys are going to be embarrassed in front of the entire country in the house that Jerrah built.  So he plays a clever little game of "I'm a bitch" to the refs in regards to our outstanding man to man coverage:

"They grab, they hold, they've almost put a lot of pressure on the refs - whether or not they're going to call the game close or not," Romo said on a conference call with reporters in Denver. "If they get called once or twice, that's a good thing. But they're all over guys as far as using the little tricks, I guess you could say, that good linebackers and good secondaries use when they're playing man coverage."

You want to know what they grab Tony?  They grab their junk and tell you to eat it every time you throw the ball.  They play tough and disciplined, and they man up better than any other secondary in the NFL.  It's a huge problem for you because you can't rely on the putrid play of the NFC East's swiss cheese secondaries.  You're actually going to have to make some plays just to keep your team in the game, and you know that.

The only way to level the playing field is by having the refs throw some hankies.  You're a little late to the party so I'll clue you in THEY HAVE BEEN FLAGGED you non-playoff game winning choker.  There was that doosy against DRC in the Giants game that allowed them to score....with 5 consecutive tries from the 2.  And of course there's the two flags a week or so I can bank on Tony Carter getting (he does hold) so take your ass to church this week and pray you get some help from the refs because that's the only way a Dallas win is going down.

Grievance #3: Patriots fans

This one is an oldy but goody for Bronco Mike.  No matter how long I get along with the Patsies fans in the offseason that all goes to heck once week 1 rolls around.  "But Bronco Mike, what have they done to draw your ire this week?" Pissah, that's what they did, wicked heckin' pissah.

After surviving two weeks in a row against the lowly Jets and Bills by a combined 5 points, after managing to pistol whip the aforementioned Tampa Bay Schiano's, and after going down to Atlanta and beating a bad looking team, they're feeling their oats at 4-0.  No Gronk?  Wicked Pissah!  No Welkah?  Wicked Pissah! Rookie Receivers? Wicked Pissah!  4-0 baby yeah, we're not that bad, yeah, we can win under any circumstances, yeah, we're the freakin' Patriots baby, Tom Brady has beaten tougher defenses than Peyton Manning and the Broncos WICKED PISSAH!!!

I kid you not, this was the bullshit flying around their neck of the woods this week.  "Our offense got it done against stiffer competition!!!"  Unlike a shot fired from Hernandez's trusty glock (allegedly), this bullet is way off point. Unlike the film from one of Hoodie's video cameras (fact), this lazy puffed up way of thinking only tells part of the story.

You know why the defenses our Broncos offense have faced are so badly ranked?  Because we broke records over their asses BITCH (Jesse Pinkman reference, RIP Breaking Bad).  You want to know why the defenses you faced have decent rankings?  Because they played your inept and Putrid Patriot (PP) offense which up until last week had featured Brady completing all of 57% of his passes to go along with Blaine Gabbert-like 5.5 YPA average.  Because they played your inept and Putrid Patriot (PP) offense that is currently ranked 20th in the league in scoring.

So take a bow you Peter Griffin wannabes, the defenses are ranked a bit higher because they got to play you!  WICKED PISSAH!!!  I can play that game too you hecks!

I've said my piece MHR, what's yours???