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Horse Tracks: Chargers are next up on the schedule, but it appears Chiefs week is all anyone cares about

I grew up in an era when the Raiders, Chiefs and Broncos all battled out for the division title each year, so I won't complain about the divisional landscape right now. If only the Chargers would go back to the cellar where they belong.
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Justin Edmonds

Broncos setting up to beat Chiefs both times they meet - Denver Post
Von Miller reduced a man to a matador, bulldozing Washington's left offensive tackle in the fourth quarter Sunday. When Von hit RGIII, that's when it hit me - these guys are going to beat the Chiefs. Twice.

Broncos News & Blogs

Bye Week Comes at 'Great Time' |
The Broncos are halfway through the 2013 regular season and now have a Week 9 bye.

Broncos' secondary displays swagger after playing better - Denver Post
You'll remember the bow. You'll remember the high-stepping, the look back, the wordless taunting. You'll remember the interceptions. On Sunday, the Broncos' secondary put on a show.

Wesley Woodyard proves to be MVP of Broncos defense | Cover 32
Von Miller has made his return to the lineup after a six-game suspension. Champ Bailey, who is sitting out at the moment with a foot injury, is future Hall of Famer and considered one of the best cornerbacks to play the game.

Three takeaways from Sunday’s Broncos victory | Cover 32
Sunday’s Denver Broncos versus Washington Redskins game must have evoked just about every emotion there is out of Broncos fans. Everything from excitement, to worry, to jubilation, to elitist feelings circulated through Broncos country as they eventually pulled out a 45-21 victory over Robert Griffin III and company.

AFC West At The Halfway Mark | Bronco Planet
Back in February when the 2013 NFL schedule was finalized, some ‘Expert’ at (notice the lack of a by line) boldly stated that the Denver Broncos had the easiest schedule in the league. Sure, I can do the addition too. The problem here is that, the unknown pundit omits the fact that the personnel on each NFL team changes from year to year and making a statement upon the previous season’s results isn’t very intelligent. In fact, the only thing it does is stir up trouble.

NFL Mid-Season Rookie Grades: 2013 Denver Broncos - Predominantly Orange
The Denver Broncos are grading themselves midway through the season so we’re going to do the same. Let’s start off with the rookies on the roster.

A Second Helping of Steven Johnson’s punt return TD against Philly - It's All Over, Fat Man!
There has been no shortage of exceptional special team players with the Denver Broncos this year. Among them is linebacker Steven Johnson, currently second to Jacob Tamme with four tackles and an assist.

Mile High Monday: Broncos Back On Track After Big Win - Predominantly Orange
Most of us believed the Broncos would be just fine after losing their first game of the season last week. But they made everyone sweat it out for about two and a half quarters on Sunday before they proved it.

Semana 8: Bola do jogo "
Com uma excelente atuação da defesa na semana 8, o Denver Broncos colocou uma boa diferença no placar e derrotou o Washington Redskins. O jogo marcou a primeira vez que o nosso antigo head coach Mike Shanahan voltou para casa, dessa vez como adversário, e certamente sentiu saudades de tudo que viveu com a nossa franquia.

Broncos Media

Peyton's 29 Touchdowns |
Watch all of quarterback Peyton Manning's 29 passing touchdowns so far this season.

BTV Breakdown: Another Manning Target |
Knowshon Moreno led the team in receiving yards Sunday against Washington, adding to the already productive Broncos passing game.

Fox on Bye Week Goals |
Head Coach John Fox talks to the press after Tuesday's practice.

Locker Room: 'Looking Forward to the Bye Week' |
Players talk about their bye week plans and switching jersey numbers during practice, as TE Jacob Tamme wore No. 18.

Broncos head coach John Fox not worried about QB Peyton Manning's health - NFL Videos
Denver Broncos head coach John Fox knows QB Peyton Manning needs to rest in order to get over his current pain.

AFC West Rival Roundup

NFL power rankings, Week 9: The Kansas City Chiefs remain top dog - Arrowhead Pride
Kansas City remains the only undefeated team in the league, but do all our guys believe the Chiefs are the best?

Act like you've been there before - Arrowhead Pride
A word on Chiefs and Broncos fans on SB Nation's blogs, Arrowhead Pride and Mile High Report. (I am reviled. Move over Elway! lol)

Improving the San Diego Chargers Red Zone Offense - Bolts From The Blue
The San Diego Chargers rank in the lower half of the league when it comes to touchdowns scored from within the red zone. Kyle Posey identifies what the Chargers have done wrong, and what they can do to improve their effectiveness inside their opponents' 20 yard-line.

The Resurgent San Diego Chargers Defense - Bolts From The Blue
Looking at every defensive drive by the San Diego Chargers since Dwight Freeney's injury. How has John Pagano turned this group around?

Is Dennis Allen coaching himself out of a job? - Silver And Black Pride
Once considered a dead-end job, the recent performance of this Oakland Raiders squad has the value of the head coaching position on the rise. Considering all of their recent success, the question has to be asked: is Dennis Allen coaching so well that it might actually cost him his job?

NFL News & Blogs

Jermichael Finley on the road back from his injury | The MMQB
Is this God punishing me? Is this Karma? This was my initial thought when I was down on the field. I felt as if everything that I had ever done wrong came crashing down at me at that one moment.

Matthew Stafford's comeback over Dallas Cowboys a coming-of-age moment | The MMQB
Sometimes you just feel it. And on Sunday, staring a loss in the face, the QB felt it, leading the Lions to an inexplicable victory and growing up a lot in the process. Plus, more of my thoughts from an offensive Week 8.

Andy Dalton using Marvin Jones, others to help boost Bengals offense | The MMQB
It's not just that Andy Dalton and the Bengals are 6-2 halfway through the season; it's how the QB has been playing and who he's been throwing to. Plus, mailbag questions on the kicking crisis and a sharply-worded take on childish wideouts.

The post-mortem, Week 8: Atlanta is truly a town of history -
What must quarterback meetings be like in Minnesota these days? Does Josh Freeman bring lunch for everyone, and then overthrow position coach Craig Johnson, splattering a turkey sub all over the wall? Can Christian Ponder get sacked by a bag of Fritos?

Fumblr: Even LeBron James is amazed by Calvin Johnson -
Fumblr is the fake social media platform that collects the best and worst of the online experience of an NFL fan. Featured this week: Calvin Johnson's ability to save football, Golden Taunting, Tom Brady's Halloween costume, and more.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Broncos back on top -
1. Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning got back in the saddle despite two bum ankles for yet another ho-hum evisceration of an opposing secondary. More importantly, the Denver D looked much closer to last year's standard in Von Miller's second game back as its secondary fed off relentless pressure. Stay tuned -- the Broncos will come out of their bye week to face the Chargers and Chiefs in a battle for home field throughout the playoffs.

PFT Commenter's NFL Awards- Week 8 "Paydirt" Hillis Clears The Way -
Theres something so stupid about weeks that end on two Prime Time clunker-games, its like if your giving birth and then instead of a baby you get a entertainment coupon book at the end.

Sidney Rice injury: Seahawks WR tore his ACL, per report -
Sidney Rice left Monday's game and, according to a report, it was due to a torn ACL.

Daniel Snyder: No plans to change Washington Redskins' name -
Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder still has no plans to change the franchise's team name.

The wrecking ball | National Football Post
Even though the season hasn’t officially reached the midway point, there is mounting sentiment that the NFC’s representative in Super Bowl XLVIII will be either New Orleans or one of two teams from the NFC West.

Moral Margin of Victory | Football Perspective
Suppose you watch an entire football game. Your job is to put a single number on the degree to which the winning team beat the losing team. Qualitatively, the scale runs from "had any number of things gone differently at the end, the winning team would have lost" to "the winning team was in control for most of the game" to "this game was never in question."

Was Calvin Johnson’s 329-yard Game The Best Ever By a WR? | Football Perspective
On Sunday, Calvin Johnson picked up 329 receiving yards against the Cowboys, the second most receiving yards in a single game after Flipper Anderson’s 336 yards in 1989 against the Saints.

NFL Trade Rumors: Best Landing Spots for Hottest Names on Market | Bleacher Report
The NFL trade deadline hits on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 4 p.m. ET, and there are a few juicy rumors involving high-profile players that could potentially be moved before time expires.

32 Observations, Week 8 |
Denver Broncos: The Broncos have allowed touchdowns on eight of 26 opposing red zone carries. That is a rate of a touchdown on 30.8% of carries which is the worst in the league.

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings - Chiefs Remain #1 | Fanspeak NFL Blog
The Broncos were down 21-7 against the Redskins mid-way through the third quarter, but they responded with 38 unanswered points. The Broncos defense played better with Von Miller back so this team could be getting stronger for the 2nd half of the season.

NFL Power Rankings -
Die-hard Chief fans are going to continue to complain about their low ranking, but I have a feeling that most of them know deep down inside that their team is just above average; nothing more. After all, good teams would've beaten Case Keenum and Jason Campbell by more than a combined seven points. An e-mail from John R: Man does Alex Smith look awful. Time for more revenge against all those people who want you to rank KC at the top. Don't hold back on them. I guess dropping the Chiefs down one spot is revenge enough. I know I'll continue to get flak for it from Kansas City fans, but their team just isn't that good. I hate to break it to them, but it's true. I have no bias. I don't care if the Chiefs win or lose. I'm just ranking these squads on how they'd perform against each other on a neutral field, and I believe that there are 7-8 teams better than Kansas City.

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