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Is going 3-1 in the upcoming stretch "good enough?"

There is a sentiment out there that going 3-1 in the next 4 game stretch is excellent. But is it?

Justin Edmonds

Here is the scenario: "If I were to tell you that in the next 4 games, the Broncos will go 3-1, would you take it?"

The Broncos play at San Diego, home against Kansas City, at New England, and at Kansas City.

Yes, that is a tough stretch against 3 playoff teams (if the season ended today), and how we fare in those games will go a long way towards the "You haven't beaten anybody" talk, but is 3-1 really ok with you? People I talk to say "YES, I'd take 3-1" or "No, I'll only take 4-0."

Me? I'm taking nothing less than 4-0, and here's why...
In the playoffs, you can't drop a single game in order to win the super bowl. Yes, I know this isn't the playoffs, but guess what? This is as close to a dress rehearsal as the Broncos will get in order to prepare for the playoffs.
Lets see why I make that claim, shall we?

If the Broncos are a wild card team, as they would be if the season ended today, they will have to go a perfect 4-0 in order to win the super bowl, ala the 1997 Broncos (in which the Chiefs finished 1st in the division, just like they might this year). Furthermore, there won't be teams like the Jaguars and Eagles and Raiders in the playoffs to beat up on. There will be the Chiefs, Colts, Patriots, and possibly Chargers, and guess what? They'll have to go a perfect 4-0 unless a championship isn't this team's goal.

If the Broncos are the division winner with a first round bye (what I expect), then they simply have to go 3-0 in the playoffs in order to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. However, they'll likely have to go 4-0 during this stretch in order to secure the #1 spot in the playoffs, and in order to secure the #1 spot in the playoffs, they'll have to catch up at least one, if not both games against K.C.. On top of that, they'll have to win tie breakers against the Patriots, Chargers and Bengals, so really, there is zero room for losses in that 4 game stretch.

Look, I know 3-1 is a "good" record. I understand that, I'm simply saying that I don't think 3-1 is good enough for a team with championship aspirations. Do you know what 3-1 gets you in the playoffs? That's right, it gets you a one way ticket home! It's time for the Broncos to put the naysayers to bed, it's time to finally "beat someone", and it's time to put our thumbprint on this season by proving that we are the deserving team to beat and deserving champions!