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Denver Broncos 2013 Power Rankings - Movin' on up

A collection of Denver Broncos 2013 Power Rankings from around the web. The Broncos won 45-21, completing their sweep of the NFC East last Sunday. How did the experts move them in their respective Power Rankings?

The Broncos are moving back towards the top spot after Sunday's win.
The Broncos are moving back towards the top spot after Sunday's win.
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Week 9 Broncos Power Rankings

Previous week's ranking in parenthesis.

SB Nation - 1 (5)

Peyton Manning got back in the saddle despite two bum ankles for yet another ho-hum evisceration of an opposing secondary. More importantly, the Denver D looked much closer to last year's standard in Von Miller's second game back as its secondary fed off relentless pressure. Stay tuned -- the Broncos will come out of their bye week to face the Chargers and Chiefs in a battle for home field throughout the playoffs.
Editor's Note: A different author for SB Nation's Power Rankings this week, which might explain the big change.

Mile High Report - 3 (6)

Peyton Manning has been off now for three consecutive weeks, yet that doesn't stop this team from scoring more points than any other team in NFL history. Another 45 points this week and the Broncos are right back in the discussion for the best team in football. In a passing league, the Broncos have certainly assembled the scariest offense in football. Certainly, that alone puts them at the top of any Super Bowl discussion.

ESPN - 2 (3)

Peyton Manning was 1-of-8 for 16 yards with two interceptions on passes thrown at least 15 yards downfield Sunday. Four of Manning's six interceptions this year were on deep throws.

CBS Sports - Pete Prisco - 4 (4)

They bounced back from their first loss by blowing out the Redskins. The defense will be fine in the second half.

CBS Sports - Pat Kirwan - 4 (4)

It was hard to believe the Broncos scored 45 points this week against the Redskins. Peyton Manning is starting to get hit and it could be a problem in the weeks to come. - 1 (2)

Favorite quote on Sunday came from Peyton Manning: "I could probably be on the injury report every week, under 'body.' " Hey, it made Pam Oliver chuckle. Like I always say, if you can make Pam Oliver laugh, you can do three sets at the Laugh Factory on Sunset. As for the rankings, see: Chiefs, No. 2.

AP Pro Poll - 3 (3)

(360 points - 2 out of 12 first place votes). The AP Pro32 is determined by a simple points system based on how each voter ranks the NFL's 32 teams. A team receives 32 points for each first place vote, 31 for second place and so on through to the 32nd team, which receives one point.

FOX Sports - 3 (3)

The Broncos have scored 343 points so far this season (the most ever for a team after eight weeks) but they looked shaky for the second week in a row.

Walter Football - 3 (3)

I thought about moving the Broncos down for having trouble with the Redskins, but Peyton Manning is dealing with these two mysterious ankle sprains that should (?) heal up during the bye. On the bright side, Denver's defense improved and slowed down Washington's offense pretty well. Having Von Miller back is huge.

Average Ranking: 2.67 • Average Change: +1