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Five Bold Predictions for Broncos - Cowboys

It's time to give five bold predictions for this week's upcoming Broncos vs Romo's Sandy V's Cowboys game!

Dustin Bradford

First off, let's recap what I predicted last week and see how I did, shall we?

I said the Broncos would have a 100 yard rusher, and that it would be Ronnie Hillman.... Ouch, that one stung. Knowshon Moreno was well on his way to 100+ yards until the score got so lopsided that Philly waived the white flag and we called off the dogs. Predictions: 0-1

I then said that LeSean McCoy would NOT get 100 yards... Nailed it!!! We kept the NFL leading rusher to 73 yards and a cloud of dust. Sure it helped that we kicked their butts so hard they had to abandon the running game, but that was also part of my prediction as to why he wouldn't get to 100 yards. Predictions: 1-1

Will the Eagles "only" score 24 points as I (and The Skipper Dude) predicted? Well, they scored 20, but that's close enough. Predictions 2-1

How about that Big Bad Osweiller sighting? Yep, I said that we'd be up by 30 and see the Big O. I was off by 2 points. We were up by 32! Predictions 3-1 (Damn, this Pete dude is really kicking that ass)

And then my 5th prediction happened (or failed to happen)... Manning did NOT throw for 450. Could he have? Absolutely, but we pulled him in the beginning of the 4th quarter and totally squashed that prediction from coming to fruition. I really want to pull some lame ass, excuse ridden reason why I'll project 450 yards and give me a 4-1 lead in predictions, but alas, I have integrity and can not. Predictions 3-2

Shall I throw in my bonus prediction of Manning throwing an INT? I really want to say no, but again, I gotta call myself out for not only what I got right, but more importantly, what I got wrong. The 'ol sage known as Big Pete went from 3-1 to 3-3. I feel like the Texans for this epic meltdown!


I give up. I can't do bold predictions for this week because there is no such thing as a "Bold Prediction" when it comes to this team!

"Peyton Manning will throw for 7TDs"... is that really a Bold Prediction? If I was talking about Romo it would be, but I'm not. I'm talking about Peyton F'ing Manning! He just might! And he might do it by the 4th Quarter! So how bold is that?

"The Broncos will score 45 points this week"... again, that's what they are AVERAGING!!!! How can you spit out a score and say it's bold when it's a score that the Broncos are Averaging? Again, this isn't a team like the Chiefs we're talking about who it really would be a bold statement to predict, it's the Denver Freaking Broncos baby!!! Our offense rolls out of bed averaging 45!

"The Broncos will have a minimum of 4 different players not named Manning score a touchdown"... again, that isn't exactly bold either. That's damn near as much of a given as saying that the sky is blue and the sun is hot! Hell, I could probably say 5 players will have a TD this week and I'd still probably be selling this team short!

"Britton Colquitt won't punt a single time".... man, if I made money off of predicting him not punting while Manning is in the game, I'd have enough cash to pay off the national debt and end the furlough! This prediction stuff is too easy, and still equally impossible to do!

"The Broncos Defense will make Tony Romo drink his own tears"... We all know that Romo whined like a little school girl with a scraped knee about the Bronco's secondary... It's probably not a very bold prediction to say that they'll have 2-3 INTs this week, especially seeing they pick off passes like Tony picks sand out of his va..... nevermind.

So there you have it. Those are my non-prediction predictions! When you are as dominant as the Broncos, you simply can't be bold enough without them actually making what seems bold look mundane.