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Denver Broncos Offense views "Little House of Horrors" Weekly

The other day when I asked Broncos Country if they were ok with the prospects of the Broncos finishing the season 16-0, I mentioned that one of the fears was that the team would get too full of itself or complacent, too enticed to drink it's own kool aid rather than laboriously trying to work out the kinks or hold themselves accountable....well, that theory no longer holds water.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report by KDVR in Denver, after each game the Denver Broncos offense holds a player only meeting where they watch the film of the game they just completed. Are they there watching to admire their record setting accomplishments? Or to awe and gawk at the mastery of Peyton Manning? Perhaps they are watching to review their own tendencies in "rock-paper-scissors?"

Not even close.

They review each and every blown assignment. And not only do they watch it, they repeat and review until someone admits their mistake, or they are called out. Called out by whom you ask? None other than the "unofficial leader" of the film sessions himself, a Mr. Peyton Manning.

Orlando Franklin summed up this entire process quite nicely in an appearance on the Sandy Clough show:

"You have to humble yourself so much...You have to sit there and watch this film with your peers, and you have to point out your mistakes. But everyone is doing it, and I think that's what makes us a better team."

Think of the most embarrassing mistake you made this week. Me personally I can't think of one, but I'm sure you can. Now imagine that moment in time was recorded, and before you get to go home on Monday evening, you have to sit with your boss and hold yourself accountable. The Broncos and the Peyton Manning led offense do this every week. But wait there's more.

Not only do they watch tape of their mistakes from the previous game, they go back to January and rewatch their mistakes against the Baltimore Ravens in their devastating home playoff loss. Think back to the last crippling moment you had in your personal life, now imagine before you go home on Friday's, you have to sit there and review it in your mind over and over and over again contemplating "what if?" and "I could have done this differently...."

Broncos Country can rest easy that the Denver Broncos offense themselves, no matter how prolific, will not rest on their laurels. I can only hope the defense is doing something similar because anything short of the effort the offense is giving right now would be a huge injustice to the entire team.

Don't take it for granted either Broncos fans, it is such a bonus that we have the greatest leader in the NFL right now showing our young offense how to appreciate, play, and prepare to play the game the way it should be played.

Peyton Manning won't pat himself on the back, but I'll go ahead praise his efforts for him.

It is truly an honor to have you as a Denver Bronco. I enjoy watching you play, and I appreciate that you care so much about what you do.

A HUGE Mile High Salute to our Broncos Offense and Peyton "5 Time MVP" Manning!!!