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Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys: 1st Half Open Thread

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Dustin Bradford


The Dallas Cowboys have been talking a lot this week, but now its time to put up or shut up. Tony Romo thinks the Broncos defense doesn't play fair, but life isn't fair, Mr. Romo. Us Bronco fans know all too well how life can get you down, much like you'll be once Chris Harris takes one of your passes to the house today!

All kidding aside, this is a big test. Finally, the Broncos will face an offense that can be explosive - oh wait...Eagles who? Super Bowl champion Ravens who? Anyway, its on the road against an non-conference opponent. A loss here isn't really that big of deal, other than having to listen to naysayers for a week or two.

I expect a lot of points from Peyton Manning and this offense today. They should easily put up 40, if not, then it could turn into a close game. Either way, its good to be a Bronco fan and its even better when La La Land is no longer fantasy.

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