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Prop Bets: Broncos - Cowboys

Ronald Martinez

We were really happy with how last week turned out and I'm proud to say Mile High Report got four of the five bets right, nice work, though it was close with the rushing touchdowns for the Broncos and Eagles rushing yards. So let's review that quickly:

Over/Under 58 Total Points
- Over: 83.3%
- Under: 16.7%
- Actual Result: Over

Over/Under Broncos Win by 10.5
- Over: 96.3%
- Under: 3.7%
- Actual Result: Over

Over/Under 2.5 Broncos Field Goals
- Over: 23.3%
- Under: 76.7%
- Actual Result: Under

Over/Under 1.5 Broncos Rushing Touchdowns
- Over: 63.7%
- Under: 46.3%
- Actual Result: Under

Over/Under 99.5 Eagles Rushing Yards
- Over: 53.3%
- Under: 46.7%
- Actual Result: Over

MHR Record: 9-1

Let's get onto this weeks bets shall we. As always we'll include the Vegas odds along with a few of our own.

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