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Peyton Manning Sets passing marks against Dallas

Manning has set the NFL record for most touchdowns to start a season without throwing an interception with 17 and counting. He was previously tied with Milt Plum of the 1960 Browns at 16. Plum achieved the mark in 10 games, Peyton Manning took a little more than 4.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The record setting TD pass was a shovel pass to Julius Thomas from the Cowboy 4-yard line.  Old school Broncos fans will remember that the shovel pass was a long time staple in the John Elway Bronco offense.  It appeared as if Manning audibled into the play, and it appeared as if it were going to be "Sprint Right Option" again.

The scoring play was set up by a beautiful 57 yard bomb to Eric Decker who ran a gorgeous double move and then made a fantastic spin move to pick up additional yards after the catch.

Look for Decker to have a big day as Morris Claiborne has been burned repeatedly on the season.  Let's just hope the Broncos defense settles down a bit.  Romo has done a fantastic job of extending plays and buying more time.

Update 3:27 MDT

The mark has now been extended to an appropriate 18 with a 2-yard TD pass on a back shoulder fade to Eric Decker against Morris Claiborne.

Update 3:39 MDT

With his 3rd TD pass of the game, Peyton Manning now owns the all time record for TD to begin a season with 19.

Update 4:20 MDT

Peyton extends his own streaks to 20 TD passes with a 2-yard strike to Wes Welker.  That is Welker's 7th receiving TD of the season.

Peyton Manning's Touchdown passes to date:
  • 24 yards to Julius Thomas (Baltimore)
  • 23 yards to Julius Thomas (Baltimore)
  • 28 yards to Andre Caldwell (Baltimore)
  • 5 yards to Wes Welker (Baltimore)
  • 2 yards to Wes Welker (Baltimore)
  • 26 yards to Demaryius Thomas (Baltimore)
  • 78 yards to Demaryius Thomas (Baltimore)
  • 2 yards to Wes Welker (NYG)
  • 11 yards to Julius Thomas (NYG)
  • 2 yards to Eric Decker (Oakland)
  • 12 yards to Wes Welker (Oakland)
  • 13 yards to Julius Thomas (Oakland)
  • 6 yards to Wes Welker (Philadelphia)
  • 1 yard to Demaryius Thomas (Philadelphia)
  • 15 yards to Demaryius Thomas (Philadelphia)
  • 4 yards to Wes Welker (Philadelphia)
  • 4 yards to Julius Thomas (Dallas)
  • 2 yards to Eric Decker (Dallas)
  • 9 yards to Julius Thomas (Dallas)
  • 2 yards to Wes Welker (Dallas)