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Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys: 2nd Half Open Thread

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Ronald Martinez


Well that was exciting! When Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter thanks in large part to Eric Decker putting the ball on the ground. However, I was never too worried ... not with Peyton Manning playing ball for us.

The sluggish start for the defense turned into dominance by the second quarter and Manning led the Denver Broncos to score after score. Decker redeemed himself several times and Julius Thomas is rapidly becoming a dominate force. Denver had a famous trio of receivers back in the 1980's called The Three Amigos, but what Denver has today is the Four Horsemen and no team is equipped to stop all of them all of the time.

In the second half, the Broncos need to put points on the board and eliminate any question anyone might have had that the Dallas Cowboys ever had a chance.

A three score lead is when I'll start to relax a little, because the Cowboys are known to get hot. Though this game is shaping up to be more of a shootout, so dial up the heart rates!

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