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Twitter Fight! Jaguars confronted Broncos on Twitter ... and lost

Oh, Jacksonville. We didn't mean to ruffle your fur.

(Design courtesy of Brian Huntington/Grantland)

We like stats. NFL fans like stats.

Who doesn't like stats?

Everybody likes stats and the Denver Broncos know it. On Monday morning, the team tweeted several fast facts, such as: kicker Matt Prater is on pace to score 179 points this season, which would set a new NFL record.

Then the Broncos tweeted the stat everybody has been talking about:

That puts into perspective how good the Broncos have been this season and how poorly the Jaguars have been performing. The stat wasn't received well in Jacksonville, however.

Hiss! Hiss! Hisssss! Meoooooooooowh!

After many Twitter users then started replying "shots fired," Denver had a calm and cool response:

Jacksonville's response to that? . . . /crickets.

Seriously, though, why are the Jaguars so offended? As MHR's Ian Henson (@TheOrangePage on Twitter) suggested in a staff email, maybe they are trying to get the two Jacksonville fans in Denver excited for the game?

Henson went on to suggest that we bundle our money together and send a customized Jacksonville Jaguars Tim Tebow jersey and a pre-written one-year contract with an optional extension and a note:

On behalf of the Broncos, we are sorry. Please accept this gift.

Maybe that would heal the hurt.

Anyway, at the risk of offending the Jaguars' organization even more, we present to you more statistics: Three different Broncos (Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas) have each scored more touchdowns than the Jaguars entire offense this season (5) . . . Prater has kicked 29 PATs this season, which is three more than Jacksonville kicked all of last season . . . and Denver's offense already has more than half (2,449) of the offensive yards through five games than the Jaguars had all of last season (4,788).

Stats are stats, and that's a fact, Jack.

Special thanks to graphic designer Brian Huntington of for the header photo used in this story. Follow Huntington on Twitter to see more of his designs.