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Wesley Woodyard injury: Broncos captain says he's good [Horse Tracks]

The Denver Broncos defensive captain tells ESPN he's "good" on Monday. The Broncos are waiting until practice Wednesday to officially update teams on the statuses of Woodyard, Ayers, and Harris, who all left Sunday's game with injuries.

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Mic'd Up: Hillman and Jackson
Broncos TV wired Ronnie Hillman and Malik Jackson for Week 5's mic'd up series.

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Welp, Broncos @ Cowboys turned out to be a real hum-dinger. Ninety-nine total points is anybody's idea of a fun time, and it was even more fun to foll...

Broncos still hopeful on injury front - Denver Broncos Blog - ESPN
Linebacker Wesley Woodyard (neck), defensive end Robert Ayers (left shoulder) and cornerback Chris Harris (concussion) all left Sunday’s game and were evaluated Monday. Cornerback Omar Bolden also left the game in the fourth quarter after suffering what appeared to be a shoulder injury. Broncos coach John Fox classified all of the injuries as "nothing serious.’’ For his part, Woodyard said he felt "good, I’m fine.’’

John Fox pleased with Broncos' "grit," but must wait on injuries - The Denver Post
Fox did not have any updates on the team's injuries after Wesley Woodyard, Chris Harris, Robert Ayers and Ronnie Hillman all were sidelined. Fox said he'd know more about their statuses when the team practices Wednesday.

Broncos briefs: Broncos apologize to Jaguars for tweet taken as insult - The Denver Post
Team media relations director Patrick Smyth called the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday to apologize for a tweet that was sent out by a staff member of the Broncos' website.

Broncos News

USC says impostor reps reached out to Tony Dungy, Jack Del Rio
Southern California denied reports that the university had reached out to Jack Del Rio and Tony Dungy to fill its vacant coaching position, explaining in a statement Monday that individuals claiming to represent USC reached out to both coaches without the school's knowledge or consent.

Broncos broadcast gets highest overnight rating since Academy Awards
According to the Dallas Morning News, Denver was the market with the highest rating, 42.9. Second was Kansas City, with a 33.3 rating, and then Dallas-Fort Worth, with 29.9.

Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert won't play against Broncos - The Denver Post
Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said Monday he expects Gabbert to miss Sunday's game at Denver because of a strained hamstring. The injury knocked Gabbert out of Sunday's 34-20 loss at St. Louis.

Sam Wyche -- NFL tried to stop no-huddle in 1980s - ESPN
The no-huddle offense has become a staple of the NFL in 2013, but Sam Wyche, who introduced the system to the league in the 1980s, has revealed that the NFL tried to stop it when he was coaching the Cincinnati Bengals.

Defenses dumbfounded on how to get to Peyton Manning
These days, NFL defensive coordinators ponder the problem of Peyton Manning. How do you solve him? The answer, to the degree there is one, is to hit him — hard, early and often. Catch a quarterback, and pin him down.

Will Peyton Manning and Broncos soon set NFL single-game scoring mark? - The Denver Post
To properly put the preposterous in perspective, let's look at the Broncos' offense this way: Heading into Sunday's game, the question isn't which NFL team will defeat the other, but rather whether one of the teams will set a record for points in a NFL game.

Broncos Rewind: Offense - Denver Broncos Blog - ESPN
The Broncos went decades without scoring 50 points, went through six Super Bowl teams, including two that won the title game, without scoring 50 points. And now they done it in back-to-back weeks and moved to 5-0 with a 51-48 victory in a touchdown festival in Dallas.

Broncos rewind: Defense, special teams - Denver Broncos Blog - ESPN
After Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo blistered the Broncos defense for 506 passing yards and five touchdowns -- just the fifth such game in the league's history -- the Broncos were left shaking their heads and vowing improvement in the coming weeks.

Game Tape Gets Mixed Reviews
After watching the tape, the Broncos had mixed feelings about the game but Head Coach John Fox called it a 'character win.'

Broncos Blogs

The Monday Mommy: Sports bring out the crazy in all of us. - South Stands Denver Fancast
"Rituals, superstitions and traditions are all a part of being a sports fan. These can manifest themselves in many ways, and have varying degree..."

Garrett considered letting Broncos score, decided to try for a stop | ProFootballTalk
When Tony Romo threw an interception with 1:57 remaining and the Cowboys and Broncos tied 48-48 on Sunday, the Cowboys were probably going to lose no matter what.

Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos on Undefeated Collision Course in Week 11 - Yahoo Sports
Peyton Manning and Co. are on an NFL-record pace on the offensive side of the ball, while the Chiefs are winning again with a stout defense -- a defense reminiscent of the brand of football Kansas City fans were familiar with in the 1990s.

Jerry Jones "so proud of Romo" after tough loss to Broncos | ProFootballTalk
Tony Romo played a masterful game on Sunday, right up until his final pass, an interception that set the Broncos up for their game-winning field goal. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he'll remember that game for the way Romo played before that final pass.

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Things got a little more interesting on Sunday for the 5-0 Denver Broncos . As has been the case, Peyton Manning and the rest of Denver's offense lit up the scoreboard, but for ...

Denver Broncos: What You Need to Know Heading into Week 6 | Bleacher Report
Tony Carter is, and always will be, a gambler in coverage. He loves to bait the quarterback in an effort to make a play on the ball. This leads to big turnovers for the Broncos, but it also can lead to big plays for the opposition.

Division Roundup: Broncos still in control | Cove32 Denver Broncos
The team from the Mile High City escaped Dallas with a back and forth, track meet type victory, 51-48, over the Dallas Cowboys. Denver survived a career game from Tony Romo and escaped a tough road test to remain unbeaten.