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MHR's NFL Week Nine Picks

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

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Here is a story, I have a British friend that has only been following the American version of football for about three years. Last week he texts me his Week Eight picks, he had made a $10 bet, that returns $30,000 if he got every pick right. This man basically gets the NFL, knows all of the teams, at least four of the players and somehow ended up a fan of New England (ironic, given that he's British). His picks looked safe, he had a few that I brought up with him and made sure that he understood every aspect of what was going on prior to that game.

He won $30,000. I would have cost him $10, because I was definitely wrong on a few games last week.

Now, here are my picks for Week Nine.

Thursday, October 31st
Bengals at Dolphins
By the time that you fine people read this, you will know that Miami won in over time by a safety. I would have picked Cincinnati.

Winner: Cincinnati

Sunday, November 03rd 1:00 PM ET
Falcons at Panthers
Carolina is on the up, Atlanta is on the down. As it stands right now the Panthers have a decent defense and unless the Falcons can put a boot to Steven Jackson's behind, I don't see them winning very much. Roddy White's status for this game is currently questionable to top everything else off.

Winner: Carolina

Vikings at Cowboys
Minnesota doesn't stand a chance against Dallas and it's not as if the Cowboys are juggernauts either.

Winner: Cowboys

Saints at Jets
Rex and Rob Ryan's defenses get to play each other. Unfortunately Rob's team has Drew Brees on offense. I think that Rob will have the bragging rights at this years Thanksgiving dinner.

Winner: Saints

Titans at Rams
I really like watching Jake Locker play this season, St. Louis, not so much. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tennessee in the playoffs somehow.

Winner: Titans

Chiefs at Bills
Kansas City is legit (against third string quarterbacks and teams with losing records), this week they get both! I want to pick Buffalo so bad, but I promised you guys that I wouldn't.

Winner: Chiefs

Chargers at Redskins
This was a game that we went over on this week's podcast, it could really go either way. I originally had Washington, but I have to remember my rule this season: AFC wins.

Winner: Chargers

4:05 PM ET
Eagles at Raiders
How terrible would it be to be a quarterback in Philadelphia this season. Guys got targets on the back of their head. That defense is ill equipped for the amount of running that is about to happen down their throat.

Winner: Raiders

Buccaneers at Seahawks
The question isn't whether or not Seattle will win, but by how much?

Winner: Seahawks

4:25 PM ET
Ravens at Browns
I love Cleveland this season and I dabbled in picking them for this game, but I think that Baltimore can win.

Winner: Ravens

Steelers at Patriots users voted Tom Brady the mid-season MVP. I don't know how many of those votes happened in the state of Massachusetts. Brady justifies that vote here, but beating the less than fierce Steelers.

Winner: Patriots

8:30 PM ET
Colts at Texans
My upset of the week is here, Houston is legitimate for the rest of the season with Case Keenum.

Winner: Texans

Monday, November 04th 8:40 PM ET
Bears at Packers
No Jay Cutler is bad for business in Chicago.

Winner: Packers

In our MHR  Pick'em League, Broncs Cheer has taken the lead with 84 wins, Bad Football Pun is in second with 83, birddog, RossiyaBronco, Man Eating Squirrels and Smiling Assassins are in a four way tie for third. Check out where you are ranked right here.