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Week 10 Open Thread: The Early Games

I'm trying out a new format this week by including horse tracks in this post as well. It's Sunday after all and we're all really here for one thing today! Go Broncos!
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If last week represented the most boring week of football matchups all year, then this week can only get better. Mildly anyway. As we all wait for the Denver Broncos game to start, there are a couple of interesting matchups that I personally will be paying attention too.

Oh how the mighty have fallen, Baltimore wants this win, Cincinnati needs it. -Ian Hens0n

The first is the Cincinnati Bengals going into Baltimore to take on the Joe Flacco's. Andy Dalton and company have plenty of demons to exercise this year if they want to be crowned Division Champs and near the top of the list would be to knock down the hated Ravens in their own house. Plus, it would bring me joy to know Ravens fans will be groaning and cursing so early on a Sunday morning (I'm a west coast clown).

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The other involves another up and coming team needing to exercise their own demons. The Detroit Lions head to Chicago to take on what should be a rusty Jay Cutler and a Bears team that seemed to play better without him. Given that, I'm hoping to see the Lions pull off a road upset over a division rival.

Other than that, I may enjoy the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles game, depending on which Eagles team shows up. Same goes for the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons ... again, depending on which Falcons team shows up.

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