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LIVE - Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

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Kevork Djansezian


The Denver Broncos really need to improve their time of possession, if only to give their defense the wind they need to harass Philip Rivers. I love the hurry up when it puts up touchdowns, but I absolutely hate it when it produces 1 minute drives.

Peyton Manning has not really done much so far today as Julius Thomas took his four yard pass to the house for a touchdown on the Broncos first drive of the game. Since then, it's been mostly ho-hum. The short drives also are not doing the Broncos defense any favors, but that's plainly apparent right now.

I expect the Broncos offense to come alive for a few drives in a row here soon, so obviously now isn't the time to panic. It also helps that the San Diego Chargers are scoring field goals instead of touchdowns and I am certain that will come back to haunt them soon. And just as I type this last paragraph, here come the Broncos offense baby!

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