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Broncos turn lights out on Chargers 28-20: Instant Reactions

This was exactly the kind of win the Broncos needed this week coming out of their bye.

Donald Miralle

It started off flashy enough with a gorgeous 74-yard pitch and catch from Peyton Manning to Julius Thomas who did most of the romping after catching the pass in the flat.  There was an offensive lull due to a fast paced offense that couldn't convert a 3rd down and a Chargers offense who grinded out first down after first down.  But the Broncos managed to settle down, like many times this season and romp their way to 21-unanswered points that saw two consecutive TD scores going into halftime and coming out of halftime.

Want to play keep away? Go ahead.  The Chargers did.  It netted them a 15-point halftime deficit.

Want to limit the Broncos to the short passing game?  Go ahead our talent will turn 4 into 74.

Still think you can run roughshod all over our defense?  Two redzone stops, 4 sacks, relentless pressure, and just 218 passing for the leagues #2 rated QB says otherwise.  This team is pulling things together defensively and the offense is finding spurts of points that come in bunches and are hard to match.


- Peyton Manning is taking some brutal hits game after game.  The offensive line is starting to show some signs of cracking.  Even if he isn't being sacked, he's being disrupted.

- Knowshon Moreno continues to run the ball hard, Montee Ball for that matter has made some nice runs in limited action over the course of the last two weeks.

- The Thomas twins made a killing out of using their size and athleticism to their advantage today.  How about that stretch over the pylon by DT?

- Eric Decker every week seems to catch my eye because of a drop.  In fact Wes Welker dropped an easy 1st down when Peyton got drilled.  Drops, can't have them, not with these receivers.


- I don't know the reason for starting Quentin Jammer.  He made a nice couple of plays, but most of this seemed to be at the expense of DRC's playing time.  DRC is infinitely more talented than Jammer and shouldn't be riding pine for any reason.

- Zone, how about NO, Jack

- Chris Harris looked very human today, and guess what?  Most of the big catches against him came when he was playing ZONE

- This is a NO ZONE zone JDR, get the clue my man.

- Relentless pressure even if it is against the waterboy is relentless pressure.  Good to see just about everyone along the line get their name called for being in Rivers grill all day.

Peyton Manning, Driving out Hunger

Some folks on twitter came up with a fantastic idea a week or so ago and it has gained national attention.  In the month of November, "Dipitydawg" @dipitydawg has spearheaded a campaign that seeks to get folks to donate 6 cans of food for every TD pass Peyton Manning throws.  This campaign will go national next week on Sunday Night Football.

So what do you do?  Donate what you can.  Obviously if you want to take the drive at face value, at the current time, you would be donating 24 cans of food to food banks or homeless shelters because of the 4 TD passes Peyton Manning threw today.

Like I said, it is a great way for Broncos Country to unite and and do some good for those less fortunate during this holliday season.

Remember that's 6 cans for every Peyton Manning TD pass.....speaking of Peyton Manning

- With another 300-yard performance notched his record extending 88th game with at least 300 yards passing (includes playoffs)

- With another 4 TD performance notched his 29th game with four or more.  In fact this season he already has 5.  The record? 6 games in a single season by.....Peyton Manning in 2004.

- With 33 TD's on the season, Peyton needs 17 more in order to tie Tom Brady's single season record of 50.  He needs 18 more to break it.

Pat Bowlen

Bring On The Chiefs

Chiefs fans, I have to level with you.  We loathe that we have to be looking forward to this game.  Your little nuisance of a season is taking our focus off real contenders.  There.   I said it.  It is more than annoying to have to look up at the little red-headed step child in the division holding our rightful spot atop the rankings.  You don't belong.

If not for mistake after mistake by mediocre teams fielding 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks, you would not be here.

But it is fine by us.

This run of yours has you dreaming big.  It has you believing you are on equal footing.  You're not.  It is going to be a momentous occasion next Sunday Night, November the 17th.  For that will be the day the Broncos take back what is rightfully ours.

Speaking of Chiefs Fans


Here is something else to add to your stress level.  The Broncos offense scored 28 in their lowest output of the season.  The Chiefs offense has yet to manufacture 28 points on their own.

Happy hunting Chiefs fans, way to cheer on Peyton Manning getting nicked up at the end.  Stay Classy.