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Broncos 28, Chargers 20: Game Balls

The MHR Staff's Week 10 game balls following Denver's 28-20 victory over San Diego.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

John Fox

The Broncos reportedly gave John Fox a game ball following Sunday's win, something we were planning on doing as well. I tweeted during the game that I hoped Fox wasn't watching (remember Trindon Holliday's fourth quarter fumble?) - if he was, he truly earned this game ball, because I nearly had a heart attack myself. I can't imagine how Fox felt.

Joking aside, get well soon Coach Fox, we miss you, and Broncos Country is pulling for you. - Monty

Pat Bowlen

With this victory today, owner Pat Bowlen became the the only owner in NFL history to win 300 games in his first 30 years of ownership.  Under his watch, Pat Bowlen has done immense good for the community of Denver and the people of Colorado through his charity work.  Not only that, but he has saw to it that the Broncos have remained contenders each and every decade since he took over in the early 80's.  A Mile High Salute to Pat Bowlen! - Bronco Mike

Peyton Manning

A little transparency into the way we give out game balls: it's first come, first serve via an email thread among the staff, and there cannot be duplicates. I pick last, to give the staffers a chance to pick others. I fear a lot of us are falling under Peyton Manning hypnosis, because he hasn't been given a Game Ball in awhile. Manning had four touchdowns, no interceptions, and was utterly perfect in the play-action game. Manning deserves a game ball every single week, and I'm hoping we don't forget how special he is making these few seasons as Broncos fans. - Monty

Demaryius Thomas

Three touchdowns. The big guy is sure setting himself up for a big pay day this offseason. Have you ever seen a guy so big score on so many bubble screens? Demaryius spent all day stepping up to the plate and making nearly every catch thrown his way. I think it's now time that not only Bronco fans start calling him Optimus Prime. - Mr. East

Knowshon Moreno

I'm telling you right now, Moreno is a top 10 back in the NFL.

I'm telling you right now, Moreno is a top 10 back in the NFL. Denver is lucky to have him. 114 yards and another victory later, and Moreno has once again justified his lofty draft status and worth on this team. When we need tough inside yards, Moreno gets them for us. When we need a 1st down and Manning drops back to pass, Moreno protects him. What happens when Moreno isn't protecting him? He's catching passes and converting critical 3rd downs! The Broncos have Moreno for 1 more year after this one (at a $4 mil option). They would be foolish to not exercise that option even though they have Montee Ball waiting and learning on the sidelines. The NFL has for the most part moved away from the true single back philosophy, yet Moreno is proving time and time again that he can be that singular back. When I really look at things, I see Moreno as being a very worthy starter. Like I said, he's Top 10 in my book, and possibly knocking on the door of Top 5. Keep it up Knowshon, you deserve every kind word thrown your way! - Big Pete

Jack Del Rio

I mentioned it at the end of the second quarter, but the way that time was managed was very aggressive. From the Denver 17 yard line San Diego has the ball at the two minute warning, a three yard run by Ryan Matthews. Broncos time out, 1:49 remaining in the first half. Shotgun, Philip Rivers sacked by Derek Wolfe for negative five yards. Time out Denver,1:43 left in the half. Nick Novak with a 37-yard field goal attempt-- wide left. Ball goes to the Denver offense on their own 27 yard line with 1:38 left in the first half. Nine plays later, Peyton Manning has a seven yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas. 

We know that there is no way that John Fox takes a time out there, San Diego runs out the clock and possibly even scores a touchdown. This decision was the difference in the Broncos winning or losing the game. Del Rio's aggressiveness pays off. - Ian Henson

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