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MHR Radio Podcast 2.16 | Broncos Week

Almost positive that the Broncos are playing this week, but for some reason I can't remember who...


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In a game that will be played with little more than passive interest this week, Kyle and I dig deep into several key factors. It is our most major effort to get you at least a bit excited about the game that the Denver Broncos must play Sunday night (because the NFL will make them).

Hey, we tried. We've dubbed it Broncos Week or alternatively The Jake Plummer Episode (in which Plummer gets mentioned once, right off the top and then not again).

Here is what you will hear:

  • What you missed during the San Diego Chargers game.
  • Von Miller's run stopping dominance.
  • Grading out Denver's offensive line (it's a bit of a blood bath, only one man is spared).
  • An incredible Chargers' rushing statistic from last Sunday.
  • We compare Jack Del Rio's Broncos to John Fox's Broncos.
  • Kansas City Chiefs preview:
  • Breaking down position battles, injury updates, possible suspensions and of course Eric Berry's equinophobia.
  • We discuss whether Champ Bailey should come back this week or not
  • And of course, we weigh in on Xbox 1 vs. PlayStation 4
  • Much more!
We love your feedback! Let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned next week!