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MHR's NFL Week Eleven Picks

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

Justin Edmonds

Thursday, November 14th 8:25 PM ET
Colts at Titans
Jake Locker is out, that makes it Ryan Fitzpatrick time, for whatever reason I constantly refer to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Fitzgerald. Anyone remember this play? Regardless, I don't think that there is anyway that Tennessee wins this game. Indianapolis has not lost back-to-back games since 2011. ([edit note: his game has already taken place and I was correct for once on a Thursday night.]

Winner: Indianapolis

Sunday, November 17th 1:00 PM ET
Jets at Bills
Buffalo got E.J. Manuel back, but all that really did was kill C.J. Spiller one game streak as an a decent running back. Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods are both uncertain to play in this game and New York has a good defense. I may have to take the Jets in this one.

Winner: New York

Falcons at Buccaneers
Bad Luck Atlanta: Gets Steven Jackson and Roddy White back healthy, loses by 23. Granted that was against Seattle. It's Mike Glennon season and Derrelle Revis will cover White, which probably means that Harry Douglass will continue to blow up your fantasy football scoreboard. Douglass sat out practice on Thursday though. Trouble.

Winner: Atlanta

Lions at Steelers
I feel like Pittsburgh can win this game, I just don't think that they will. The trend with me seems to be that as soon as I start giving a team credit, they start losing though. For that reason, I am going to stick with Detroit this week.

Winner: Detroit

Redskins at Eagles
Nick Foles man... He's been fun to watch and I can't figure out Washington, the NFC East is wide open and even New York has a shot. Foles is the adrenaline shot that Philadelphia needed though and well, we have seen the Redskins secondary.

Winner: Philadelphia

Cardinals at Jaguars
Maurice Jones-Drew has not missed a game this season, there is a slight possibility that he may miss this one. The good news is that whether he is playing or not, it won't matter, because Arizona's got this game.

Winner: Arizona

Raiders at Texans
Gary Kubiak's back and that quarterback that I told you about a month ago (Case Keenum), plays really well when Kubiak is calling the plays. I think that Oakland will figure out a way to shut down Andre Johnson, but I don't think that they can shut down Keenum's 60+ yarders.

Winner: Houston

Ravens at Bears
I like Chicago in this one, regardless of Jay Cutler, you've got Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte with guys like Alshon Jeffrey stepping up. That's bad news Baltimore...

Winner: Chicago

Browns at Bengals

Should Cincinnati lose this game Cleveland would be one game out of first in the AFC North. That is really humbling to the Bengals probably. I love the way both of these teams play... defense.

Winner: Cincinnati

4:05 PM ET
Chargers at Dolphins
Two weeks ago I would have said San Diego, four weeks ago I would have said Miami. Now I think, uhm. Someone has to win, I like the Chargers.

Winner: San Diego

4:25 PM ET Packers at Giants
New York is rolling and why wouldn't they be? It's that time of the year, someone finally gave them notice that the Super Bowl would be a home game for them. Green Bay's third string quarterback Scott Tolzien is very capable of surprising us all and look, Matt Flynn is back with the Packers.

Winner: New York.

Vikings at Seahawks
This one needn't a ton of explanation.

Winner: Seattle

49ers at Saints
A perfect warm-up for the game of the week, I think that New Orleans wins here for the same reason that I think that the next game ends how it does. I don't care what the saying is, a good offense will beat down a good defense 99.9% of the time.

Winner: New Orleans

8:30 PM ET
Chiefs at Broncos
Yeah, I teased this one a little too hard. I don't think that Kansas City can win in Denver right now though. I won't even say how I think that the Chiefs could pull it off.

Winner: Denver

Monday, November 18th 8:40 PM ET
Patriots at Panthers
New England is actually the under dog here, which historically means that the Patriots are going to beat some butt. I like Carolina, a lot, but I'll take AFC nine out of ten no matter who has what record this season.

Winner: New England

As for us? Here in this board, Broncs Cheer is simply dominant with 103 wins, while RossiyaBronco and Bad Football Pun both have 100 wins. Smiling Assassins and birddog trail at third with 97 wins. Check out the entire scoreboard here: