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MHR's Overreactions: Chief's Week!

Overreact much? Yeah, so do I. Here are some overreactions that we've been inundated with these past few weeks.

It's been a long time MHR, but Overreactions is back! I don't know about you, but I can't wait until Sunday when this game goes down! We've heard all the talk, and on Sunday, we'll finally witness the walk. Here we go!!!!

The Chiefs have the best defense in the NFL, hell, their defense is one for the ages! In case you've been living under a rock the last few months, you'd notice that the Chiefs have not allowed a 300 yard passer all year. No, that isn't a typo, I'm dead serious. Still don't believe me? Ask Blane Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Casey Keenum. Jason Campbell and Jeff Tuel. I mean seriously guys, they kept 3rd string, undrafted rookie free agent Jeff Tuel to 80 yards passing..... Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second, that was the Browns who held him to 80 yards and zero touchdowns. The Chiefs held him to 229 yards and 1 TD. Best defense of all time indeed!

Speaking of best defense of all time, the Chiefs have only allowed 11 TD's in 9 weeks!!! 11!!! That's impressive especially when they have played the offensive juggernauts like the Jaguars, who average 10pts or, 1 TD per game vs the 1.22 TDs per game the Chiefs give up. Again, best defense of all time indeed!

The Chiefs have an average TD play of 34 yards... they seem to really pride themselves in this stat because they think it shows that you can't score on them if you get inside the 30 yard line. So umm... they actually pride themselves for giving up big plays that result in TD's? Yet they are going to completely shut out the #1 offense in the NFL by allowing big scoring plays? It's a good thing we don't have a cat who is capable of taking a screen pass 70+ yards for a TD on any given play... oh wait, that's right, WE are the team with Demaryius Thomas, not the Chiefs. Who needs to score a 1 yard TD run when you can just have Manning throw for a 40 yard TD?

Wait a minute, that's right, I forgot, the Chiefs sport the best secondary in the NFL. They are totally capable of manning up the Broncos' WRs and just shutting them down. They have guys who allow 100 yards to Dez Bryant in a single quarter, so hey, if they can do that, they can shut down DT, JT, Welker, Decker, Caldwell, and heck, let's throw in Knowshon for good measure. Last I checked, they'll have to actually have linemen and linebackers out on the field. They can't play Dime defense each and every snap. Or maybe they will; I'm down for a 400 yard rushing performance by Knowshon!

This leads into the philosophy that the Chief's defense more than makes up for their lack of offense, even against the Broncos. They're right, their defense is capable of holding Gabbert scoreless, yet their offense can barely get out of their own way. So they are banking on the Broncos' offense being completely shut down, while also having their defense show no signs of improvement with Woodyard healthy, Miller back and in shape, and Ihenacho healthy and playing. So lets count the bullet points shall we? Chiefs defense should be lights out even though they are finally not facing a complete garbage QB, and their offense is incapable of being good, and at the same time, the #1 offense (Broncos) will play like the Week 4 NY Giants, while the Broncos' defense will play like they did against Dallas, even though the Chiefs are incapable of scoring more than 17 points. Got it. The Broncos might as well just forfeit the game and keep themselves from potential injury.

Finally, I get it KC, you have a statistically good defense, but how about you take a step back and ask yourself "who have we played along the way?" Your defensive statistics in my opinion, are artificially inflated based on the absolute GARBAGE teams and QBs that you have played. Lakewood High School could probably rank pretty damn high in the NFL in defense if they played the level of opponents that you have. Based on similar opponents, you still barely out score the opposition, yet the Broncos have the #1 offense in the league. The Broncos DOUBLE your average margin of victory against like opponents, yet you're gonna come into Denver and win? Good luck with that recipe! Kiss your 11 TDs goodbye. The Chiefs will be lucky if the Broncos don't put up over 50% of the Cheif's season TD totals up in 1 game. have fun losing 5 of the next 7 games!