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Week 11 Open Thread: The Late Games

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Great set of games this morning. The biggest surprise was mother nature, causing havoc between the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens. Overall, it was a fun morning of football for us hardcore fans.

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I don't care what the saying is, a good offense will beat down a good defense 99.9% of the time. -Ian Henson

The biggest game this afternoon has to be the San Francisco 49ers travelling south to face former division rival, the New Orleans Saints. I don't see how anyone could take any team facing the Saints in their dome. I wouldn't even feel confident if it were the Broncos heading in there. It's just an insane place to play when Drew Brees is around.

The San Diego Chargers also head south to face the dysfunction that is the Miami Dolphins. A few weeks ago, I would have probably taken the Dolphins, but I cannot in good faith trust that team at all. That dark cloud has driven me into the arms of a team I despise, but oh well, at least that team isn't even near the AFC West division crown picture.

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