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Rahim Moore had bleeding muscle in lower leg, underwent surgery

Here are the details on Rahim Moore via Mike Klis.

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Via Wikipedia

Compartment syndrome is a limb- and life-threatening condition which occurs after an injury, when there is not a sufficient amount of blood to supply the muscles and nerves with oxygen and nutrients because of the raised pressure within the compartment such as the arm, leg or any enclosed space within the body and leads to nerve damage because of the lack of blood supply. The severity of compartment syndrome can be divided into acute, subacute, and chronic compartment syndrome.

Because the fascia layer that defines the compartment does not stretch, a small amount of bleeding into the compartment, or swelling of the muscles within the compartment, can cause the pressure to rise greatly. Common causes of compartment syndrome include tibial or forearm fractures, ischemic reperfusion following injury, hemorrhage, vascular puncture, intravenous drug injection, casts, prolonged limb compression, crush injuries and burns. Another possible cause can be the use of creatine monohydrate.

The Denver Post reports that the team is weighing the option of placing Rahim Moore on IR.

The team said they are uncertain how long Moore will be out at this point. He could be gone a matter of weeks, or the team might place him on injured reserve.

"It's a new one for me," said Del Rio, who added that he hadn't heard of the syndrome before.

"It's one of those freakish things that can occur."

If there are any doctors in the house, it would be great to hear your take on this freak injury.