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Tweetastic: Where fans wish injuries upon NFL players

Welcome to another edition of Tweetastic! Responding to idiotic and humorous tweets since 2013.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Going into last weekend's game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football, the Kansas City Chiefs were 9-0 and considered by many as the top team in the NFL.

Not anymore.

Welcome to 9-1 and second place in the AFC West, Kansas City.

Some pre-game predictions:

Can anyone confirm if this actually happened? I didn't notice.

The Chiefs scored 17 points, and though NBC may have not zoomed in on Manning's ankle on that many occasions, his injury status was certainly referenced throughout the game. James gets style points for his humor.

Another comedian:

Well played, well played, indeed.

You got Kansas City's score right, Krystal, and you were only six points off for Denver. Not too shabby.

So close! But I'm afraid we cannot give you a cigar.

Unlike Krystal, Dimitry correctly predicted Denver's final score but missed Kansas City's by a field goal. You were the closest this week, Dimitry. Nice job.

Well, don't you look pretty stupid now.

This fan tweeted me all week noting that quarterback Peyton Manning would leave the game with an injury after being hit once. Had he been hit, maybe Peyton would have been injured, but Kansas City couldn't touch him.

Make that 27. And, uh, try "s" next time.

I actually forgot to tweet this guy on Sunday night. He'll be the first to hear from me when this story is published.

Try "than" next time.

Yeah, about that pass rush . . .

I'm not sure if this the appropriate time to point and laugh or awkwardly look away and pretend it never happened before running to my friends and telling them all about it. I'll go with the latter, since that's what I'm doing in this post.

Peyton ended up going 24-of-40 for 323 yards and a score while being seemingly untouched by Kansas City's pass rush, playing the entire game without being sacked.

Meanwhile, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was sacked three times.

What's lower than wishing an injury on a professional athlete?

Patriots fans have followed suit.

There were many of these tweets—sent from both Chiefs and non-Kansas City fans—leading up to and during the game on Sunday. As if wishing harm upon somebody wasn't bad enough, many of them were hoping to benefit from a potential injury in their fantasy football leagues.

Valuing a fantasy football league over another's personal health and well-being? Perfectly acceptable, right?

That is truly disgusting.

Speaking of fantasy football . . .

Rookie running back Montee Ball scored 15 fantasy points in standard ESPN leagues. Starters Knowshon Moreno and Jamaal Charles each scored 7 points.

In standard ESPN leagues, Denver's defense scored 6 points; Kansas City scored -1. Great call, Mike!

There were many more great tweets sent this week, but that's all for now! Hit me up with your predictions next weekend and you could be featured in the next Tweetastic story.

Keep on tweetin', folks.